‘Old Tin’ of the Avengers: the actors win performances in the style of Luciano Huck – 05/26/2023

After starring in films in the Avengers franchise, Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man, and Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye, has a new challenge with the return of the car to streaming services – in the same style as Lata Velha, directed by Luciano Huck on TV. Globe.

Downey’s Dream Cars, hosted by Downey Jr. at Max, his main focus will be the conversion of old cars into more sustainable vehicles, including the conversion of electric motors, biodiesel or hybrids. The show will premiere on June 22 in the United States and does not yet have a set air date in Brazil.

The released trailer shows some of the targets, which include the Volkswagen Bus Type 2, our first generation Kombi called “Owl”. It also has the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Buick Riviera GS, among others.


It is worth noting that, like the character Tony Stark, the actor owns a collection of cars and founded in 2019 a company that invests in technology projects that fight climate change.

The Renner Project (Rennervations, in English), by Jeremy Renner, premiered in early April on Disney+ and deals with the restoration of large vehicles, such as buses and trailers, for social purposes.

With the use of these vehicles, Renner has already built a dance studio, an entertainment center, a water treatment plant and a music bus. Everything is recycled in communities in the United States and even in other countries, such as India and Mexico.

The program was filmed before the fatal accident suffered by the actor, who was driven by a snow plow. Renner nearly died and suffered serious injuries, but made an impressive recovery.

Lata Velha style plans

Shows about auto repair are nothing new on television, with several shows airing in the United States. In Brazil, the most famous case is Lata Velha, Luciano Huck’s sketch on TV Globo.

In more than 17 years of existence, the old painting of Caldeirão do Huck and today transferred to Domingão collects more than 120 restorations, good stories and some controversies. Bad taste modifications, disgruntled participants, abandoned cars, modified cars and motorcycles that worked for only 15 days are some of them, reported by UOL Cars.

To avoid the problems mentioned above, the picture has changed completely in recent years. The current management of the system started to focus only on the repair of the car, without bringing about changes or good customization.

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