Not on Dhoho Street, Feel the Excitement of Pecel Breakfast and Other Indonesian Food at Lotus Garden Hotel Kediri – Pecel rice is the main part of cooking in Kediri. Eat at breakfast, certainly more appropriate.

Jalan Dhoho is known as the hub of pecel rice. Every morning, people eat Indonesian food there. There is also yellow rice and chicken porridge.

But have you ever felt the sensation of pecel rice or this culinary island delicacy from a luxury hotel chef?

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You can feel the excitement of pecel chef style breakfast at Lotus Garden Hotel Kediri. There you can eat street food with different tastes.

There are pecel rice, yellow rice, chicken porridge, and rames rice. There are many other Indonesian dishes.

Lotus Garden Hotel Kediri and Waringin Hospitality offer a healthy and varied breakfast menu every morning.

The hotel located at Jl. Attorney General Suprapto No. 26 Kediri City offers a healthy breakfast menu ranging from white rice, side dishes made from processed fish and chicken, chicken porridge, various Indonesian dishes.

There are also special Indonesian sauces, processed bread and various jams, to cereals with a fresh fruit dessert menu. There is direct cooking during breakfast.

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