Norsk Hydro : Hydro Group and Volvo join forces to accelerate zero transport – December 02, 2023 at 06:49 am EST

Norsk Hydro : Hydro Group and Volvo join forces to accelerate zero transport – December 02, 2023 at 06:49 am EST

Within the framework of the partnership, Hydro and Volvo Group intend to create a road map towards supplying primary aluminum in 2030 with an 80 percent reduced carbon footprint compared to today’s global industry average. A historic agreement has been signed under the First Movers Union which was launched by US President Joe Biden and the World Economic Forum at COP26.

“The partnership is new leadership. I’m excited to see our two First Movers Coalition partners come together, using procurement power to lead the transition toward green aluminum and accelerate zero demand technology,” says the US President’s Special Envoy for Operations. weather John Kerry.

Hydro Group’s partnership with Volvo includes:

  • Establish a roadmap towards zero aluminum emissions by 2030.

  • Collaborating to enable greater use of low-carbon aluminum in Volvo’s production towards delivering net-zero aluminum by 2040.

  • Validating new standards for alloy recycling, to improve material reuse and discover closed value chains to enable more scrap to be used.

  • Exploring how Volvo Group’s innovative transport solutions can be used at Hydro’s mining operations in Brazil to further reduce the carbon footprint of the aluminum value chain.

Currently, Hydro produces primary aluminum with a carbon footprint one-fourth of the global industry average, which is 16.7 kg CO2e/kg aluminum. By 2030, the company will reduce emissions by a further 30 percent and produce industrial test standards. based on impurity-free smelting technology. Committed to starting a green aluminum transition, by 2050, Hydro’s ambition is produce zero aluminumwhile contributing to a positive future for nature through biodiversity, waste management and land use initiatives.

Hydro Group and Volvo join forces to accelerate zero-emission transport. Pictured are large electric cars from Volvo. (Photo: Volvo Group)

“We are rethinking every step of our value chain to transform our industry, and enable our customers to create low-carbon end products. Every step is important towards zero. one example is exploring how Volvo Group’s innovative solutions can enable us to further reduce carbon emissions in our value chain,” says Hydro President and CEO Hilde Merete Aasheim.

The Hydro Group and Volvo have a strong business relationship and are deeply rooted in their Scandinavian heritage. In recent years, the Nordics have taken a global lead in developing key elements enabling the green transition. Adding to Nordic innovation in green battery development and steel, Hydro is starting the green aluminum transition.

“We are committed towards our main goal of achieving a zero value chain by 2040. The availability of low-carbon aluminum is another step forward. We believe that it is only by moving forward together, through the joint cooperation that we have agreed here. Hydro, that we can make a positive impact on our climate,” says Volvo Group president and CEO Martin Lundstedt.

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The First Movers Alliance was launched by US President Biden and the World Economic Forum at COP26 to decarbonize the industrial and long-distance transport sectors responsible for more than a third of global emissions. The global initiative, which includes nearly 100 businesses, is working to harness the purchasing power of companies to decarbonize seven hard-to-eliminate industrial sectors that currently account for 30% of global production: aluminum, aviation, chemicals, cement, shipping, steel and trucking, as well as innovative decarbonisation technologies. For more details, see here

The Volvo Group is leading the transition to sustainable, safer, and more productive transport and infrastructure solutions, as part of a joint journey towards a zero-net society. The Volvo Group aims to provide sustainable transport solutions that enable goods and people to move freely, and provide the equipment needed to build and maintain critical infrastructure, while driving the transition towards a carbon-free transport system. Volvo sees the transition to net-zero through fossil-free solutions as an opportunity to deliver meaningful results, while also leveraging the potential for growth that the transition will provide. Volvo does this by establishing high-quality partnerships across the value chain and beyond to make a real difference.

Hydro is a leading aluminum and energy company that creates businesses and partnerships for a more sustainable future. Hydro promotes industries that are important to people and society. Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses, creating safe and secure workplaces for our 32,000 employees in more than 140 locations and 40 countries.

Today, Hydro owns and operates a variety of businesses and has core investments in sustainable industries. Hydro is available in a variety of market segments for aluminum and steel recycling, and energy and renewables. Hydro offers a unique wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Hydro is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future, creating better communities by turning natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways.

Published: December 02, 2023