Nissan X-Trail: this is the fourth generation of the Japanese SUV

Nissan X-Trail: this is the fourth generation of the Japanese SUV

the operation of the Step e-Pedal (which can be activated through a button in the central console) is simple: when the accelerator pedal is released, it slows down the car, slows down the car, without however stopping completely. The brake pedal is always available if necessary.

Technological and integrated with NissanConnect

The New X-Trail features an advanced infotainment system, offering a range of connected services, including smartphone connectivity to connect up to seven devices, and NissanConnect Services software to remotely control and monitor the vehicle.

The 12.3-inch NissanConnect display provides access to navigation, entertainment and vehicle settings functions, and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, whose wireless connectivity is also available.

Connected car with remote management

Car Home functions are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. The system supports various commands, including the ability to send your infotainment destination via your smartphone, reducing the time required to enter navigation data.

Thanks to the NissanConnect Services app, it is possible through a smartphone to remotely interact with the car to open and close the doors, operate the horns and lights. In addition, an alert system is available, which warns if the car is used beyond the preset frequency, time or speed. An important task for parents who provide a car for their children to use.

New Pro Pilot Assist and Navi-link

The new X-Trail is equipped with the latest generation of the Pro Pilot system, which helps the driver in many increasing situations. Called “Pro Pilot Assist with Navi-link”, it was designed to reduce fatigue and stress for those behind the wheel thanks to a very intuitive interface.

It can control acceleration and stopping in one lane while traveling on the highway. In traffic situations, it can slow the car to a stop and can restart automatically (if the stop takes less than 3 seconds) when the cars in front start moving again.

On the new Nissan X-Trail, the system can adjust the speed of the car based on an updated set of external conditions.

The new Nissan X-Trail is available in four trim levels, with prices starting at around €38,000, and can already be ordered from Nissan dealers.