Nissan Pathfinder: A beautiful restoration of a historic SUV

Nissan Pathfinder: A beautiful restoration of a historic SUV

Except Arizona electric SUVNissan presented at the Shanghai Motor Show Another experimental SUV bearing the heavy mantle of Pathfinder. The Nissan Pathfinder series was introduced to the global scene in 1985 and five generations have been produced so far. The last and latest available in the North American market. To make it clear, the test model presented at the Chinese exhibition is called The concept of a pathfinder.

It is basically a precursor to the production model to follow and a cabin for 7 people. The Nissan SUV concept was created according to the needs of the Chinese market by combining modern aesthetics, and full body measurements which also carries a new size mask. The company says the showroom style combines modern Chinese aesthetics with quintessential Nissan, whatever that might mean.

Lack of technical and other qualifications

At the moment there is no further information about the technical characteristics. However, we expect the production car to be a hybrid and have four-wheel drive. For example it may have Nissan e-POWER system together with Nissan e-4ORCE technology which we have seen in the new generation X-Trail. In any case, the widened Leaf-type wheels look similar to the Chinese Pathfinder silhouette.

Accordingly, the fully digital environment in the interior as well as quality materials show how demanding the Chinese market has been in premium-oriented supercars.

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