Nissan Ariya: Emphasis on comfort and safety

Nissan Ariya: Emphasis on comfort and safety

Ariya, the first all-electric coupe and a new sign of Nissan’s design and technology, offers potential buyers a unique driving experience in terms of comfort and safety.

In fact, the Ariya is equipped with all of Nissan’s connectivity systems available to date. In addition, Ariya highlights its unique technologies e-Pedal Step, acceleration and deceleration using one pedal, ya e-4ORCE 4WDan all-wheel drive system designed for Nissan electric models, as well as an advanced driver assistance system. ProPILOT with Navi link.


Remote interaction with the car, through software or voice assistance, or even from the driver’s seat with physical or voice commands, is simple and intuitive and allows you to access information about the state of the car and the parameters of your trip, or activate functions while you are away.

Many of the connectivity systems that come with the Ariya are also available in the rest of the Nissan range and include:

•Infotainment system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlaywhich allows interaction with driver and passenger smartphones and software management from the central console’s touch screen.

•A voice command system that can be activated from the driver’s seat, to consult the vehicle or activate certain functions without taking your eyes off the road. Just say: “Hello Nissan” or “Hey Nissan”to get information about the car, the route of travel, select your favorite music playlist, or adjust the temperature in the cabin.


• Prayers NissanConnect services, which through the smartphone allows you to close and open the doors remotely, operate the horns and lights.

•Notification system, which warns if the vehicle is used beyond a pre-set area, time or speed. This is a valuable feature, especially for parents who give their children a car to use.

• Work Home by Car which, from the comfort of your living room, allows you to know the state of the car (tire pressure, etc.) and activate the command line, as well as send the destination of the trip to the navigation system, or adjust the temperature inside. cabin (for electric cars).

• 3D Maps and Live Traffic, both accessible from the navigation screen, with OTA (Over the Air) map updates, so you know traffic conditions in real time.


• Door-to-door navigation, which, through the app, also provides indicators covering the walking distance from the parking area.

•My Car Finder feature which, through the app, helps owners find their car in multiple parking lots.

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The Nissan Ariya also has three unique features that make it the most connected Nissan:

Battery Manager: allows you to check battery status, manage charging remotely and find charging points.

Intelligent Route Planner: if there is a scheduled trip, the system sends a departure time reminder. Then, during the journey, it monitors the road conditions and suggests alternative routes to reduce the time of arrival at the destination.


Remote software update: this is an over-the-air software update system that is installed for the first time on Ariya. This technology automatically updates various in-car software on a regular basis without the need to visit an authorized Nissan workshop. Dual memory storage system allows for on-the-fly updates. These are received and stored in a separate memory space for transfer at the end of the download, subject to system confirmation, to an updated memory space.