Nissan accelerates electrification: More models on the way

Nissan accelerates electrification: More models on the way

Nissan announced its long-term plans for 2030 and its statement in 2021. At that time, the Japanese manufacturer had planned to introduce 23 electrified models, 15 of them 100% electric, by 2030.

Nissan has expanded its electrification plans to respond to “changing customer needs and the business environment,” according to a new statement released today. Accordingly, the company will launch a total of 27 new electric models by 2030, 19 of which are 100% electric vehicles.

Therefore, by the year in question, 55 percent of the global range of Nissan and Infiniti brands is expected to be hybrid and electric vehicles. According to previous estimates, this rate was 50 percent.

As part of Nissan’s plans, it is estimated that by 2026, 98 percent of its cars sold in Europe will be hybrid or electric. According to previous estimates, this level was 75 percent. Likewise, it is predicted that 58 percent of sales in Japan and 35 percent of sales in China will consist of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Today, one of the first countries that comes to mind when talking about electric cars is China. To keep up with the changes in the country, Nissan will launch a special electric car for this market in 2024. In Europe, it will look for ways of stronger cooperation with the alliance, as well as strengthening its electrification plans.

Nissan has been in the electric car market for a long time with its Leaf electric model, but this model did not come to our country. Later, the brand made a surprising debut with the electric crossover Nissan Ariya, and is preparing to launch this model on Turkish roads in 2023.

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