Nine against Andretti: the only one to say yes is Alpine – Formula 1

Nine against Andretti: the only one to say yes is Alpine – Formula 1

Andretti wants Formula 1, Formula 1 doesn’t want Andretti. Or rather, 90% of Formula 1 doesn’t want it as a team of 11. As we reconstructed it yesterday, A large number of teams opposed the entry of Big foot and son Michael. As reported by Race the only one in the paddock who wants Andretti is la Alpine.

The news is not entirely surprising, rather it confirms what we expected: the French are ready to collaborate with Andretti and General Motors for the construction of the electric unit, but the commitment in Formula 1 will also extend to. chassis and aerodynamics.

Andretti had been approached by Alpine as a possible partner for the LMDh program at Le Mans from 2024, but the same American company has formalized a partnership with the WTR team to manage Acura (Honda) prototypes in the IMSA championship. Andretti always competes in the IndyCar championship with engines built by honda, opponent of Chevrolet, a brand of General Motors. Finally, in Formula E, the team uses a powertrain Porsche. In short, there are some issues to be resolved at the commercial level, but Andretti is used to face the “big fish” and compete seriously. Perhaps he has not yet convinced the leaders of Formula 1, perhaps for fear of real financial stability, after the failure of Sauber. It certainly did not convince the team, which does not want the cake to be small for everyone: it is true entry fee for new entries serves to offset the loss of other teams’ revenue, but only temporarily, until those teams take $200 million to be too small.

For his part, Andretti has the most valuable partner he could wish for: Mohammed Ben Sulayem. Yesterday the president of the FIA ​​admitted that he hopes that Formula 1 will return to 12 teams, with the 11th team being Andretti Cadillac, due to the partnership with General Motors.