Newspaper |  Ford Maverick Hybrid is the first hybrid image in Brazil

Newspaper | Ford Maverick Hybrid is the first hybrid image in Brazil

With a range of almost 800 kilometers, the model only arrives with the top-of-the-line version, but at the price of the FX4 version with only a combustion engine: R$ 244,890.

The Ford Maverick arrives in Brazil in just one version, the top-of-the-line Lariat. (Ford/Disclosure)

Posted on May 26, 2023 at 4:29 PM

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On Thursday, the 25th, Ford unveiled the Maverick Hybrid, the country’s first hybrid pickup truck. The model, which arrived in April through the Port of Vitória, will be the first in Brazil to combine a combustion engine (petrol) with two electric motors, which provide a combined power of 194 hp, and a range of more than 800 km, according to the car manufacturer .

The model arrives in Brazil in just one version, the top-of-the-line Lariat, at the same price as the FX4 version with only the combustion engine: R$ 244,890. For Ford, the Maverick Hybrid is another important step in the brand’s electrification program, which recently announced the creation of another electric model (currently the brand’s 100% electric model is the F-150 Electric).

    The first hybrid pickup on the market
The Maverick Hybrid’s combustion engine and two electric motors produce a combined power of 194 hp. (Ford/Disclosure)

The novel joins the E-Transit van, which has already been launched in the country, and the Mustang Mach-E super sports car, which is expected to be launched later this year in Brazil, expanding the range of electric vehicles to be sold in the country. .

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The Maverick meets the same ruggedness and power requirements as Ford’s F-Series and Ranger large trucks. Not coincidentally, it was voted Pickup Truck of the Year in the United States, the most demanding and competitive pickup truck market in the world.

Klaus Mello

Ford North America Product Development Manager

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The new hybrid pickup has a Duratec 2.5 petrol engine, an Atkinson cycle with different controls, and a torque of 210 Nm (@ 4,000 rpm), as well as an e-CVT transmission, which includes an electric traction motor as well as a generator. This transmission uses planetary gears and has reduced duty for upshifts and downshifts.

Accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds and instant torque, the automaker shows that the pickup is almost 30% more economical compared to its diesel competitors. The car provides energy efficiency, with consumption of 15.7 km / l in the city and 13.6 km / l on the highway, with a range of more than 800 km. The fuel tank has 57 liters.

Two engines, electric and combustion, work separately or together to drive the front-wheel drive. This selection is made automatically, without driver action, to provide the best performance and results based on torque and power requirements and battery charge level. The system features regenerative braking with hill assist, Auto Start-Stop System and high performance tires, size 225/60 R18.

The independent front suspension, of the McPherson type, is equipped with shock absorbers and a hydraulic “stop” and the rear suspension is made up of a torsion axle and power vectoring springs.

    The first hybrid pickup on the market
The bucket has a volume of 943 liters and 659 kg. (Ford/Disclosure)

The car also comes with five driving modes: Normal, Tow, Slippery, Eco and Sport, which automatically adjust stability and traction control, throttle response and steering to improve performance and safety in every driving situation.

Interior design and finishing

Measuring 5,110 mm long, 1,733 mm tall and 3,076 mm wheelbase, it has a straight line design. The bucket has a volume of 943 liters and 659 kg and a length of 1,344 mm, it has a standard width to carry a pallet (1,353 mm).

It is covered with durable material and has compartments on the sides, eight attachment points and suitable for dividers. The lid can be opened in the middle position to transport large objects and the hitch preparation allows towing up to 400 kg.

The truck has 10 color options: Aurora Red, Delhi Orange, Lyse Blue, Malacara Blue, Dover Grey, Dew Silver, Torres Grey, Asturias Black and Arctic White, as well as the new Atlas Blue.

In the cabin, the seats come with premium upholstery, power adjustments in eight positions for the driver and manual in six positions for the passengers. The leather-wrapped steering wheel has height and depth adjustments. The rotary gear selector and electric park breaks up space in the console and enables access to various storage compartments.

    The first hybrid pickup on the market
In the cabin, the seats feature premium upholstery and the steering wheel is covered in leather. (Ford/Disclosure)

Under the rear seat there is also a compartment with 58 liters, and the seat position at 90º, for easy access. The doors also have storage space, such as 1.5 liter bottles, an umbrella and even bike racks.

Connectivity and security

Maverick Hybrid has the FordPass app, where the customer can schedule services – including home pickup and delivery – and check prices online, as well as monitor their performance in real time and have 24-hour technical support. The app also has tracking block, where the driver is called when a bad condition is detected.

The app also allows remote locking and unlocking to be controlled via mobile phone, remote start and climate control, receive driving notifications and alarms, locate the vehicle and check the mileage, odometer and tire pressure.

The novel is the monitoring of the useful life of the oil and the rational modification. According to Ford, instead of following the set time of 10,000 kilometers, adjustments are made based on the actual use of the car.

“The calculation of the useful life of the oil is done by algorithms and can be accompanied by warnings on the panel and by FordPass. It is a smarter and more transparent way to evaluate the wear of components and provide the best balance of cost benefits to the customer”, explains Dennis Rossini, Manager Ford Marketing.

    The first hybrid pickup on the market
The model has 10 colors available. (Ford/Disclosure)

The model comes with a panel with a 6.5-inch digital screen, SYNC multimedia with an 8-inch screen and access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a key with a presence sensor and a start button, door opening with a keyboard, an alarm with an immobilizer and two. -digital zone air conditioner.

In terms of safety, the hybrid pickup has seven airbags with occupant detection, brake assist with pedestrian and bicycle detection, electronic stability and traction control, automatic LED headlights and high beam. , reversing camera, lane departure assist, anti-collision brake. assistant and tire pressure monitoring.

It also introduces a feature that makes the gearbox automatically return to the parking position (Park) every time the door is opened. There are also four USB Type A and Type C inputs and a 12V socket on the back.

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Maverick Hybrid is the first hybrid pickup truck on the market (Maverick Reveal)

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