Newspaper |  Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT: a compact that wanted to be an SUV

Newspaper | Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT: a compact that wanted to be an SUV

The top-of-the-line version of the model launched in September last year adds SUV features to win over more buyers.

The round shape that was the trademark of the model gave way to a more “square” silhouette. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

Posted on May 15, 2023 at 4:27 pm – Updated an hour ago

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To anyone looking at the new C3, the old versions look like a very old memory. The classic face of the subcompact gave way to a design closer to the characteristics of an SUV, in a way more similar to that of its “big brother”, the C4 Cactus.

The French automaker’s flagship arrived in Brazil in September last year in seven versions. The big price difference between them is due to Citroen’s attempt to include the new C3 in the popular compact category, against Renault Kwid and Fiat Mobi, and in the equipment types of the segment, such as Chevrolet Onix, Hyundai HB20 and Fiat Argo.

This range of options ranges from the most common configuration of the C3, the manual Living 1.0, priced at BRL 69,990, to the top of the line that comes in a limited edition, the First Edition 1.6 AT6, at BRL 97,900. Except for a few versions, the most complete version is the Feel Pack 1.6 AT6, which costs BRL 93,990.

The new C3 is 3.98 meters long, 1.73 meters wide, 1.58 meters tall, has a wheelbase of 2.54 meters and weighs 1,152 kg. Due to the dimensions, it is already possible to notice a slight departure from the C3 in relation to the most popular cars, such as the Mobi and the Kwid, although it is still shorter than the Onix and the HB20.

Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT6
The C3 has ABS brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and two front airbags. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

The new C3 is available in Perla Nera Black with white roof, Banquise White and Spring Blue with black roof, Spring Blue with white roof, Artense Gray with black roof, Grafitto Grey, Spring Blue, Perla Nera Black, Artense Gray. and Banquise White with a black roof (as in the evaluated version).

Similar to Cactus

In terms of design, a lot has changed in C3. Immediately, the resemblance to Cactus is already noticeable. Although the design of the grille and lights remained the same as the previous generation, the round shape that was the trademark of the model gave way to a more “square” silhouette.

The dominance of vertical lines and pronounced curves along the entire body help to reinforce the “SUV logic” of the C3. The windshield no longer extends to the roof, making the driver’s view worse.

Released in Porto Real, in Rio de Janeiro, the C3 was already undergoing a slight change to the aesthetics of the SUV, however, the 2023 line seems to have taken this concept to a higher level.

Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT6
The car accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 10.4 seconds and can reach 180 km / h. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

Despite all the external changes, the two engine options available in the new C3 are already familiar, as the 1.0 Firefly is also equipped with Fiat Argo and Cronos and Peugeot 208.

The 1.6 16V of the most powerful versions also appears in the Peugeot 208 and 2008. The three products belong to the Stellantis Group (the union of FCA – Fiat and Chrysler – and PSA – Peugeot and Citroën).

The 1.6-liter Feel Pack convertible engine produces 120 horsepower and 15.7 kgfm of torque (both with ethanol), mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission – one more than the unequipped versions -, and a 5-speed option in exchange for series.

The steering is electric with height adjustment of the steering wheel, as is the case with all types of models. In terms of consumption, which has never been a strong point of the model, it promises to provide 10.3 km / l (petrol) and 7.2 km / l (ethanol) in the city. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, and the Feel Pack adds a reversing camera and parking sensors.

Inner space

One characteristic that has always been present in the C3 is the feeling of space inside the car, greatly helped by being 10cm longer than its class rivals. In addition, 315 liters of trunk is respectable for a compact hatchback.

Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT6
The version comes with a 10-inch entertainment screen with reflection. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

In terms of safety, the C3 has ABS brakes with electronic brake distribution (EBD) and two front airbags, the minimum required by law. All seats have a three-point seat belt and a height-adjustable headrest, however, the back does not fold down.

In terms of connectivity, the variant comes with a 10-inch entertainment screen, smartphone mirroring with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, with multimedia pairing via Bluetooth or USB.

“Big people” cabin

As usual in the Citroen C3, the interior is very spacious, despite the small size of the car. The high height of the new generation gives the interior feeling of an SUV, with a good adjustment of the distance of the front seats.

Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT6
The reliable 1.6 Feel Pack convertible engine produces 120 horsepower and 15.7 kgfm of torque. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

For those who are tall and prone to the low ceiling of subcompacts, the C3 maintains tradition and continues to be comfortable for a wide range of heights. The seats are fabric and the steering wheel is covered in leather.

The 10-inch Citroen Connect multimedia center has built-in support for Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, with front USB input and steering wheel controls, with voice command, phone and volume controls.

The central panel does not have a tachometer indicator, but it is in an easy-to-see position, while the displayed information is well organized on the panel. Due to the small size of the car, the air conditioning is very good and reduces the room quickly.

saving power

The well-known 1.6 16V engine – a figure repeated in other Stellantis compacts -, of the new C3, with a power of 120 horses at 6 thousand revolutions per minute and 15.7 kgfm of torque at 4,500 revolutions, together with a good 6-speed automatic transmission, provides suitable combination of propeller thrust and power required for a small model.

Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT6
The new C3 is 3.98m long, 1.73m wide, 1.58m tall and has a 2.54m wheelbase. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

Acceleration is comfortable for the driver, and gear changes are smooth. According to data from Citroën, the car accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 10.4 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 180 km / h.

Due to the fact that the seats are high and the windshield is no longer extended as in the previous generation – where the front seemed to be “torn hair”, leaving a large forehead on the display – the view of the driver. was always one of the top marks in C3, it got really bad.

This is especially true for tall drivers, who have the edge of the glass near eye level. In addition, the position of the rear window of the car interferes with the area that is already controlled.

In addition, the new C3 has a good driving ability and sports utility vehicle appeal that appeals to many people. So much so that it already appeared in January 2023 as the 30th best-selling car in the country, with 1,488 units registered.

Data sheet

Citroen C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT6
The design of the grille and headlights remained the same as the previous generation. (Luiza Kreitlon/AutoMotrix)

Citroën C3 Feel Pack 1.6 AT

  • Engine: 1.6 EC5 Flex naturally aspirated, 1,587cm³, four cylinders, multi-point injection
  • Power: 120 horsepower with ethanol and 113 horsepower with gasoline at 6,000 rpm
  • Torque: 15.7 kgfm with ethanol and 15.4 kgfm with gasoline at 4,500 rpm
  • Exchange: 6-speed automatic
  • Tension: ahead
  • Direction: electricity
  • Suspension: MacPherson type front, independent wheel with coil springs, Torque shaft rear with coil springs
  • Body work: compact hatchback with four doors and five seats
  • Specifications: Length 3.98 meters, width 1.73 meters, height 1.58 meters, wheelbase 2.54 meters
  • Weight: 1,152 kilos
  • Fuel tank: 47 liters
  • Stem: 315 liters
  • Price: BRL 96,990

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