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News, Prices and Pictures – Newsletter

O Hyundai HB20 2024 it is already on the market, although the first semester is not yet over. However, the South Korean company is trying to ‘slide’ in the good phase of the car, one of the best sellers in the country in recent years, in order to continue to maintain the protagonism in Hatch mid-size cars.

In this way, the new model comes to the market with few changes, but enough to ensure quality and comfort for customers, who are increasingly demanding. Because and price on new cars, the expectation is that, at least, they will have a lot of quality. Now the 2024 car does not have major technical changes, but it has three transmission options for the 1.0 engine.

for example Hyundai HB20 2024 it has a choice of five gears and six manual gears, as well as an automatic transmission option, and six speeds. In this way, the user will have several options for purchase, where he will be able to better suit his personal taste and even his budget, being able to choose the cheapest version.

Learn more about the 2024 Hyundai HB20

Who will buy? Hyundai HB20 2024 will have an economical drive, although it is not different from other models. That is because in the city, it makes an average of 9.1 km / l with ethanol and 12. km / l when using gasoline. However, on the road, with other cars, it is more economical, where it does 10.1 km / l with ethanol and up to 14.6 km / l with gasoline.

One of the things that help save fuel is the start and stop system, especially in the city. After all, whenever you stop at a corner or at a traffic light, the engine automatically shuts off. And that helps to use less gasoline or ethanol. As the best oil for this carit will also greatly depend on the value of ethanol and gasoline in a given region.

In many parts of the country, gasoline is more economical. About the price of Hyundai HB20 2024, values ​​vary by version. In this case, check the suggested prices for each of them, according to what was notified by the manufacturer:

  • Sense 1.0 MT 2024 – BRL 82,290.00;
  • Comfort 1.0 MT 2024 – BRL 85,590.00;
  • Junior 1.0 MT 2024 – BRL 90,690.00;
  • Comfort 1.0 Turbo GDI MT 2024 – BRL 98,990.00;
  • Comfort 1.0 Turbo GDI AT 2024 – BRL 104,590.00;
  • Platinum 1.0 Turbo GDI AT 2024 – BRL 110,590.00;
  • Platinum Plus 1.0 Turbo GDI YEAR 2024 – R$119,590.00.

Hyundai HB20 2024: Technical sheet

Now let’s show a little technical paper of careven as a way for people to know more about the product they will buy:

  • Kappa 1.0L 12V Flex engine; Kappa 1.0L TGDI 12V Flex; Kappa 1.0L TGDI 12V Flex;
  • Five-speed manual transmission; Six-speed manual; Six-speed automatic;
  • Maximum power (hp) 80 (E) | 75 (G) @ 6,000 rpm 120 (E) | 120 (G) @ 6,000 rpm 120 (E) | 120 (G) @ 6000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque (kgf.m) 10.2 (E) | 9.4 (G) @ 4,500 rpm 17.5 (E) | 17.5 (G) @ 1500 rpm 17.5 (E) | 17.5 (G) @ 1500 rpm;
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 161 (E) | 158 (G) 192 (E) | 192 (G) 190 (E) | 190 (G) respectively;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (s) 14.5 (E) | 15.4 (G) 9.3 (E) | 9.3 (G) 10.7 (E) | 10.7 (G) respectively.

Hyundai HB20 2024: Dimensions

  • Length 4015 mm;
  • Width 1720 mm;
  • length 1470 mm;
  • Wheelbase 2,530 mm;
  • Trunk 300 liters.

Finally, a new style Hyundai HB20 2024 he is already living the expectation of a good performance in the second term. Meanwhile, stores are still selling the 2023 model that was left in stock. In this case it can also be attractive, as long as you get a good discount. This way you will have a brand new, quality car with the option of having repairs under warranty.

Then Hyundai HB20 2024 it is also an attractive option for those looking for a car that, at the same time, has a low price (compared to other products). And so it has also received praise because of its engine, especially in the turbo version.

After all, good performance for Hyundai HB20 2024 it is also something that consumers expect when buying a car, which is best for urban traffic in big cities.

Hyundai HB20 2024 pictures

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