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News, Prices and Pictures – Newsletter

O Volkswagen T-Cross 2024 is one of the highest performance models on the market and the German automaker’s flagship SUV. So if you’re looking for the perfect SUV with all the features we look for in a car, look no further VW prepared several new things for the 2024 edition.

That way you will have one of the cars the most attractive of the category and which is manufactured by one of the biggest brands in the country. In addition, we got exclusive details about the model and we can say that it comes with several new features.

So if you really love car launches and don’t want to miss one of the biggest launches of the year, the following text is for you. In it we will talk about the innovation brought by Volkswagen and how new T-Cross it is full of amazing features. So if you want to know everything about the flagship model of the SUV line, just keep reading!

Volkswagen T-Cross 2024 news

O Volkswagen T-Cross The 2024 is the flagship SUV model created by VW and was designed to offer Brazilian drivers the best in its class. However, until the 2023 version we had a car with a design based on Brazilian style, but in 2024 this should change.

One of the big news that volkswagen T-Cross 2024 is its new look, with a more European style, the continent of origin of the brand. After all, the SUV market there is much bigger than in Brazil and the design wasn’t bad either. In addition, the German car manufacturer is known for being one of the largest companies in the industry and offers cars of all categories.

In this sense T-Cross it is considered the brand’s sales leader, even with an above-average value. And when we think about innovations, the main one is the front grille of the car, which despite the same design, now covers the entire bumper. However, now customers will have two different finishes, which will bring a more elegant look to the model.

In the part that is under the lights of the model we have soft plastic, while in the grille the SUV will have a new box and an updated base. Finally, the updated piece will have only a few fillets, something that has never happened before T-Cross.

Volkswagen T-Cross 2024: Technical sheet

To analyze and even compare cars, we need access to all the information related to the engine and performance. After all, these resources together with serial objects make an insignificant difference with all the data contained in the technical sheet. volkswagen T-Cross 2024 absolutely, you need to evaluate these things and therefore you can know if the SUV is very good.

So take a look below at some of the features available in the technical sheet of the T-Cross:

  • Engine 1.0 Turbo;
  • Maximum power of 128 horses;
  • Electrical operation;
  • Flex car;
  • 6-automatic transmission speed;
  • Trunk with 420 liters of space;
  • Tank with a capacity of 52 liters.

In addition, we also have some common items, which give the car entertainment and comfort. And these are necessary things these days, where we spend most of our days in traffic. Below you can see the main items of the series available on Volkswagen T-Cross 2024:

  • 6 airbags with passenger deactivation technology;
  • VW Play multimedia center with floating screen;
  • Digital air conditioning with unique Climatronic Touch;
  • Steering wheel and height adjustment;
  • Stability and traction control;
  • Electric rear mirrors;
  • daytime driving light;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • USB port;
  • 12 volt outlet.

Moreover, because it is a model with different versions, Volkswagen T-Cross 2024 has a good number of options. In this way, the SUV does not fail in any aspect when we think of the features that bring safety and comfort to the users.

Volkswagen T-Cross 2024: Price

In addition to the innovations described above, Volkswagen T-Cross 2024 reaches the Brazilian market at a good price. So if you’re looking for a full SUV, know that you’ll pay around R$118,200 for the new T-Cross model. However, if you choose more complete versions, be aware that this value will go up a bit.

Check out some pictures from volkswagen T-Cross 2024 and fall in love with VW’s centralt SUV.

Pictures of Volkswagen T-Cross 2024

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