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O Fiat Fastback 2024 It is undoubtedly the automaker’s biggest offering this year. After all, we are talking about one of the main SUVs of the company, which wanted to innovate and bring a new style to the car. In addition hurry back it deviates from the standard found in competing SUVs, which is a good step for the Italian brand. Well, when we think of getting an SUV, we are looking for something unique and innovative.

However, this cannot leave aside the power and comfort of that type, since the car has a lot of weight. So if you are looking for a modern and contemporary car, which has a good engine and still offers all the great features we need, hurry back and to you.

And it is for this reason that we decided to put together this article, where we will tell you what it is information of the 2024 version of the model. In addition, we will tell you details about its technical sheet and also talk about its value. Keep reading!

Fiat Fastback 2024 news

As soon as it was announced by the Italian car manufacturer, the Fiat Fastback 2024 It has become one of the most talked about topics on the internet. After all, consumers can celebrate that the Fiat SUV would return and now with new features. In this sense, the first thing we notice about the model is its design, which is considered one of the most modern in the category. But that’s not all, as the appearance does not leave behind a modern air, making the Fastback a beautiful car.

In addition, the engine is also something interesting and fiat without any effort to give the best. So we have an above average strength and this is designed for a body with strong steel which brings more safety to the SUV. So, despite being a new model, as its official launch took place in 2022, the Fiat Fastback is already very popular with Brazilians.

For the 2024 edition we expect the car to get new standard features and a price drop. Because the automaker aims to be as accessible as possible, attracting a good number of customers to it. So if you are looking for a different SUV, which violates the traditional standards of the type, you need to know Fiat Fastback 2024.

Fiat Fastback 2024: Technical sheet

One of the most interesting places that we can consult before buying a new car is its technical data sheet. Because in the document we can know in more detail what the car has to offer. That way if you want to know Fiat Fastback 2024 and I don’t know where to start, don’t worry. After all, we know that it is not always easy to find a technical paper and that is why we created this topic.

So look down the main resources available at launch:

  • Engine 1.0 or 1.3 Turbo;
  • Maximum power of 185 with ethanol and 130 horses with gasoline;
  • 7-speed CVT automatic transmission;
  • Alloy wheels;
  • Trunk with 400 liters of space;
  • Fuel tank with 47 liters of space;
  • Flex car;
  • Electrical operation.

In addition, Fiat also introduced a series of very cool items, which make the model more comfortable and safe. And below you will know about all these new services, present in Fiat hurry back 2024:

  • Multimedia center with a 10.1-inch touch screen;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Rear camera;
  • Tablet PC with 3.5 inch screen;
  • Indication of gear shifting;
  • Digital and automatic air conditioning;
  • Driver’s seat with height adjustment;
  • direct testing;
  • LED lamps and lanterns;
  • Emergency brake;
  • Sensors all over the car.

Finally, all these features give Fiat Fastback 2024 comfort that is hard to find in other SUVs. Thus, the launch becomes one of the biggest ever made by the company and it catches the attention of consumers.

Fiat Fastback 2024: Price

Fiat hurry back The 2024 is a complete car and if you are thinking of buying it, know that it is a good investment. Because the model costs around R$134,990.3 which is an excellent value and makes the model one of the leaders in terms of cost effectiveness. Check out some pictures below that reveal everything the Fiat Fastback 2024 brings.

Fiat Fastback 2024 pictures

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