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O Fiat Mobi 2024 It is an amazing car as it ensures great fuel economy and is still a very fast car. However, what makes the model even more interesting is that it is part of a compact automatic transmission line. That way, for those who don’t need a big car and want an option that easily finds space Fiat Mobi it is perfect.

Moreover, because of this small size, they tend to be less expensive compared to other similar models. The design aims to make the exterior of the car as modern as possible and in 2024 we had visual updates. So now we have it the furniture updated, with details that bring durability and style to one of the country’s best-selling folders. So if you want to check out more information about the launch of the Italian brand and stay on top of the news, keep reading!

Fiat Mobi 2024 news

As stated at the beginning of our article Fiat Mobi 2024 It is a compact class car. But when we saw the car up close, we realized that it has a solid frame, which makes it a wonderful car. In addition, with the addition of front grilles and the automaker’s revised markings, the Mobi is more stylish.

In this sense, we cannot forget the front bumpers, which in 2024 received an update that made them better. At the same time, the wheels also got a new look, which in addition to bringing a more powerful look, increased the safety of the model. However, it’s not just the exterior that won for the launch of Fiat Mobin 2024.

After all, the interior also got new features, like a new multimedia center. The entertainment zone is one of the main tools we find in modern cars and almost every new model leaves the factory with one. And Fiat the furniture The 2024 edition was no different, as users now have access to an incredible 7-inch screen and many features.

In this way, the compact has become the most attractive model and the expectation is that sales records will be broken. In short Fiat Mobi 2024 It’s a versatile and practical compact, offering everything drivers need to cope with the pace of everyday life.

Fiat Mobi 2024: Technical sheet

Despite being a cheap car fiat 2024 days It does not fail in any aspect of its power. However, this does not mean that the car is powerful or very powerful, as this is not the purpose of the model. After all, we are talking about a car whose main purpose is to work and therefore does not need an engine full of accessories. But rest assured that Mobi 2024 can handle travel and small challenges.

And below you can see some details about the new technical paper of the furniture:

  • Engine 1.0;
  • Maximum power of 74 horses;
  • Top speed reaches 161 horsepower;
  • Flex Oil;
  • Front wheel drive;
  • 5-speed manual transmission;
  • Hydraulic operation.

In addition Fiat Mobi 2024 it got some changes in its features and some points are worth highlighting. Check them out below:

  • A sensor that monitors tire pressure;
  • Electric windows with One Touch technology and anti-crush;
  • Electrical fasteners;
  • On-board computer with Welcome Moving technology;
  • 12 volt outlet;
  • USB port;
  • Multimedia center with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support;
  • Bluetooth.

All these common things make a ridiculous difference to the driver and passengers, as the comfort becomes greater. However, the main negative point of the model is that although the internal space is functional, it is small. So a large family can encounter problems and Fiat Mobi 2024.

Fiat Mobi 2024: Price

Now let’s talk about the price Fiat Mobi 2024, which is very affordable and attracts many people. Because Fiat wanted to reach new audiences and the best way to accomplish this was by creating basic cars at a low price. So we can get the Fiat Mobi for about R$68,990, the same as the 2023 and 2022 versions. Finally, now that you know everything you need to understand about the 2024 Fiat Mobi, it’s time to check out some pictures of the new version.

Fiat Mobi 2024 images

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