New, Spectacular Images of Maserati’s Expected Grecale SUV!

Maseratihas delayed the launch of its new car, the Grecale, in recent months. The delay gave the Italian automaker time to further tweak its upcoming SUV. It seems that the company thinks that these subjects have reached sufficient maturity. Because Maserati New photos of Grecale have been published.Stowaway Hiding In Airplane Wheel Miraculously Survives!The fact that the stowaway who was found hiding in the wheel of the plane survived is said to be a miracle!

of Greece It shows that it has passed the cold weather test. The pictures show how assertive the car is in winter conditions. On the other hand, the printed images are the most vivid images of Grecale published to date.

While the Grecale attracts attention with its grille and vertical slats, on the other hand, other elements, including the Trident company logo, Maserati It has various design details found in its cars. Vertically oriented headlights on the outside, new Maserati Grecale on the inside Android Automotive infotainment technology expected to be used.

Apart from this, there is no other official information about Grecale at the moment. Originally scheduled to be released in November, Grecale in the spring expected to be introduced.