New Skoda Scala 2023: photos and details of the restyling

New Skoda Scala 2023: photos and details of the restyling

In the land of Czechia, the Skoda Scala reigns supreme as the ruler of the C segment, perched atop the MQB A0 platform. Since its arrival in 2019, the Scala has won the hearts of drivers with its generous spaciousness, a signature trait of the brand.

New Skoda Scala 2023: photos and details of the restyling

But wait, there’s more! In the summer of 2023, a wondrous transformation is set to take place as the Scala undergoes a facelift. With improvements both inside and out, the updated version promises to dazzle and delight. While the tantalizing images used in this article were sourced from Mahboub channel 1’s YouTube video, they are merely speculative renderings and not to be mistaken for official visuals.

For those who seek truth, here’s the link to the source:


Prepare to be dazzled by the latest beauty innovations, as they focus on enhancing the front and back of the vehicle. Cutting-edge technology, including Matrix LED and new fixtures, will simplify lighting groups and elevate the driving experience. Get ready for suspension upgrades that will make every ride smoother than ever before. And don’t forget about the stylish bodywork and stunning alloy wheels, with new colors that will leave you breathless.

Step inside and prepare to be wowed. The new instrument panel boasts a larger infotainment system screen, packed with new features that will make your drive even more enjoyable.

But what about the engine, you ask? Get ready for an exciting announcement. While the current engines in the range have proven themselves with 95 and 110 bhp 1.0 three-cylinder petrol engines, they’re about to get even more efficient. The highly anticipated arrival of the second generation 1.5 turbo petrol EVO2 with 150 bhp is just around the corner. And while we won’t be introducing a diesel-powered version, there’s still a chance the 90 bhp 1.0 g-tec methane engine may make a comeback.

Hold onto your seats, because that’s not all. The Montecarlo or RS variant, complete with a powerful 2.0-liter 190 HP and 290 Nm of torque, is in the works. Lower suspension, developed in collaboration with ABT, will make every drive feel like a thrilling adventure.

Stay tuned, because the future of driving is looking brighter than ever.

The Skoda Scala’s new look will come with a slightly elevated price tag, but trust us, it’ll be worth every penny. Set to hit the streets in the latter half of 2023, this mid-range facelift promises to turn heads and steal hearts. Keep up with all the latest updates by following us, and stay in the know about the automotive industry by checking out our social profiles. Don’t miss out on this exciting transformation!