New Skoda Elroq 2026 Illustrative Recreation Revealed

New Skoda Elroq 2026 Illustrative Recreation Revealed

The Czech automotive brand, Skoda, has officially announced that their upcoming model, the Karoq, will be completely electric and will be given a new name: Skoda Elroq. Originally intended to be the successor to the Kamiq, Skoda has changed its plans and revealed that a zero-emission version of the popular compact SUV will be introduced instead. A preview of this electric model can be seen.

Recently, Skoda provided a glimpse of their future lineup by announcing the arrival of four new zero-emission models. Additionally, they confirmed that the Enyaq iV and Enyaq iV Coupé will be replaced. The Czech company is deeply committed to electric vehicles and has allocated a substantial investment of nearly 6 billion euros to support this initiative.

Out of the four upcoming models, one of the first to be launched will be the successor to the highly successful Skoda Karoq. This model holds great significance for the brand and has recently undergone a minor facelift to prolong its presence in the market. It remains uncertain whether a combustion engine successor will also be introduced, but indications suggest that the model will continue alongside the new Skoda Elroq. The trade name “Skoda Elroq” has been confirmed for this smaller model, which is now assigned to the more environmentally friendly successor of the compact SUV.

The upcoming Skoda Elroq will encounter competition from the future electric Tiguan and the ID.4, both of which are technically and mechanically similar. The Elroq, being a twin of the electric Tiguan, will also be built on the “MEB +” platform, which will bring significant enhancements compared to the Volkswagen ID.4. The ID.4 is one of its direct rivals in the market.

The Skoda Elroq will feature a modern design, as depicted in the provided recreation, aimed at appealing to current Karoq customers. It will have proportions similar to the compact SUV Karoq but slightly lower to optimize aerodynamic efficiency.

Despite its compact size, the Elroq will maintain its position as a leader in interior spaciousness. It will offer ample room without the presence of a transmission tunnel, and a large boot volume with regular shapes. Skoda will remain true to its philosophy of providing models with attractive designs, advanced technology, and competitive pricing. The interior of the Elroq will undergo a complete transformation, featuring a more minimalist design that will differ significantly from the Karoq.

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The Skoda Elroq, an upcoming compact SUV, is set to provide impressive autonomy capabilities. It will feature the advanced “AP550” electric motor, which has been introduced in the Volkswagen ID.7, offering power output lower than that of the German saloon. This motor will not only reduce the overall weight of the vehicle but will also be powered by the same batteries as the current Enyaq model.

As a result, Elroq’s autonomy is expected to significantly improve compared to Enyaq. Achieving a range of 600 kilometers on a single charge is quite feasible for this vehicle. Additionally, the Elroq will incorporate various new features, including V2L bidirectional charging technology. The market launch of the Skoda Elroq is scheduled for 2026, making it a vehicle worth considering for the mid-decade timeframe.