New Renault Clio 2024: Revamping The Delivery

New Renault Clio 2024: Revamping The Delivery

The fifth generation of the Renault Clio will extinguish four candles in 2023. Therefore, he will need to alter his style if he wishes to continue outperforming the competitors. The objective will be to ensure that Clio’s career concludes on a high note, before moving on to the sixth generation, which might be fully electric three years later.

On the Renault Clio redesign, the grille will be widened and the headlights’ C-curvature will be removed to simplify the light signature. This modification is inspired by the Australian SUV. The architect Gilles Vidal, who left Peugeot in 2020, has vowed in recent months to revive the initiatives initiated by Laurens from Acker in the early 2010s.

The Scenic Vision concept car revealed this route for the first time last spring. Therefore, a makeover for the Clio is required to unveil the series’ new design a few months before the Captur. It will also be an occasion for these two urban automobiles to acquire a new brand identity. Auto-Come’s on feature enables us to provide an initial look at the vehicle.

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On the other side, the adjustments made to the board can be somewhat ostentatious. The central touchscreen will mostly be used to increase the responsiveness of the infotainment system and integrate new technology, maybe including 5G connectivity.

Style-wise, colors, and materials will change well, but they should not be changed, since the Clio has already attained a high level of excellence at its debut. Lastly, in accordance with the 2024 safety regulations, a central airbag shall be positioned between the front passengers.

Alpine Spirit, which was introduced by Austral last spring, is slated to replace RS Line badges across the Renault lineup. For the future of the Clio Esprit Alpine, a return to the excitement of the Clio RS is not anticipated, as Losange is not expected to produce a genuine sports vehicle.

Best of all, this city car will be redesigned and powered by a hybrid engine with 145 horsepower. In addition, there will be a minor increase in battery capacity, which will boost the electric range within the city. Aside from that, the range of engines should not be very groundbreaking.

Renault Clio, which is approaching 18,000 euros for the base model by the end of 2022, should surpass this level in 2023, when it will be introduced to the market, roughly at the same time as the redesign. Peugeot 208, his deadliest adversary. A thrilling battle for the future awaits.