New Opel Corsa (2023): What Does Its Modification Promise us?

New Opel Corsa (2023): What Does Its Modification Promise us?

The new facelifted Opel Corsa (2023) is set to be considered the first Opel model to fully adhere to the stylistic direction proposed by the designers of the French group PSA, which took over the brand in 2019. The Corsa, which was launched in 2019, slightly missed this direction. Therefore, starting next year, the Corsa will be updated to better align with the recent principles of the Blitz and Mokka models.

When General Motors parted ways with Opel in 2017, its new tricolor owner stopped the progress of the new generation Corsa, which was scheduled for a 2018 release. Instead, they chose to base the new model on the Peugeot 208 platform.

This decision marked a significant shift for the brand and was accompanied by a new stylistic identity, as requested by Carlos Tavarès, in an effort to revitalize the somewhat dormant style of the German brand. This is how the Vizor was born – a horizontal band that brings together the headlights, grille, and logo under a plexiglass window, as showcased on the Mokka in 2021 before gradually being adopted by other models.

The current Corsa will receive a facelift in 2023, referred to as “Operation Vizor.” The update will include a new front bumper and updated lights, as well as a new light signature. The Corsa name will also stretch across the entire width of the tailgate in a new font. This update will be more reasonable as it will not require a redesign of the hood. See more photos of the updated Corsa in Auto Moto: Auto et Moto magazine.

New Opel Corsa (2023): What Does Its Modification Promise us?

The Opel Corsa has been cruising the roads for 40 years now, proving to be one of the brand’s most successful models. While the demand for small cars may have decreased, Opel has managed to carve out a niche for itself with the current model. And the best part? The Rüsselsheim-based company is currently giving the bestseller a facelift, and our daring photographers have managed to snap the first shots of the prototype.

Sure, the Corsa may not be a flashy head-turner, but it’s the quintessential ride that’ll get you from point A to B without breaking the bank. The white prototype may not be the most flamboyant out there, but hey, the Corsa has never been known for being a design icon – unlike its blissful cousin, the Adam.

What can you expect from the facelift, you ask? Well, the pragmatic Corsa principle won’t be tampered with, that’s for sure. The first few pics suggest a minor cosmetic tweak with a camouflaged front apron and a possible facelift with the Opel Vizor. However, the real game-changer here is the pair of brand-spanking-new headlights. Get ready for a smoother ride, folks.

The rear of the Corsa appears to be playing a game of peek-a-boo with potential buyers, as the amount of camouflage suggests that there are only minimal changes to be expected. While the taillights remain unchanged, the central area of the trunk lid, where the proud Opel logo resides, is wrapped in a secretive veil. Who knows what other surprises may be lurking underneath the coverings of this test vehicle?

Back in 2019, the Corsa made waves with a variety of engine options ranging from a naturally aspirated 1.2-liter engine to an all-electric version with 136 hp. As we eagerly await news on what engine options will make the cut for the facelifted model, some speculate that the lineup may be streamlined.

2023 Opel Corsa

In the ever-changing world of the B-segment, Ford has already made the difficult decision to bid adieu to the beloved Fiesta and replace it with a crossover. Yet, the Corsa stands strong, for now. While we cannot confirm what the future holds for this small German car with French roots beyond the current generation, it seems to be safe for the next few years.