New Nissan GT-R in 2023

New Nissan GT-R in 2023

According to Ivan Espinosa, Nissan’s vice president of global product design, the company has not yet decided what direction it will take with the new GT-R, looking at all the technologies offered on the market today to ensure that the GT-R will be one of the most capable and perfect performance on the planet.

As he said:

Right now everything is fluid, many things can happen, we are exploring different things and we will announce something when we are ready.

The goal of the next GT-R is to once again be a highly reliable performance machine, just like the current GT-R even after a few years on the market.

The GT-R R35 is still a very reliable, very fast, very good car to drive and we will continue with it.

The GT-R, along with the Z and the Patrol, are perhaps the three most iconic and representative models of Nissan, which has a deep history within the company. With these examples we are always looking at how, when and what to do with them.

The new GT-R is rumored to launch in 2023 and be a hybrid, with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), inspired by the Le Mans GT-R LM Nismo racer.