New Mercedes GLC Coupé 2023 More Stylish and Sporty Design

New Mercedes GLC Coupé 2023 More Stylish and Sporty Design

The unveiling of the second iteration of the Mercedes GLC Coupé marks a significant milestone for the renowned automaker. The highly anticipated SUV variant that represents the brand in the D segment has undergone extensive development and has finally reached completion, ready for production. It is with great pride that the prestigious brand with the star presents its sportiest offering in this category, providing discerning customers who prioritize sportiness over versatility with an attractive option featuring a modern and sleek interior.

The talented stylists at Mercedes have meticulously reimagined the Coupe variant of the new GLC from the ground up, departing from the base model to create a unique and striking design that boasts a more refined and streamlined silhouette. As a result, the measurements of the new model have significantly increased, bucking the trend of smaller Coupe variants. A detailed breakdown of the dimensions can be found below. The new GLC Coupé will be available in the autumn with a range of seven engines, including three PHEVs, providing customers with a diverse and comprehensive selection to suit their individual preferences.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2023
The new Mercedes GLC Coupé 2023 presents a more stylish and sporty design

The sportiest design of the new Mercedes GLC Coupé

The recently unveiled Mercedes GLC Coupé boasts an elongated physique, measuring an additional 47 millimeters in length and a lower stance by 35 millimeters. This salient transformation facilitates an augmented capacity for the storage compartment, surpassing that of the internal seating arrangements. The extension in length equates to deeper cargo space, accompanied by an enlarged loading orifice, attributing to the omission of tailgate hinges. This remarkable feat is owed to the integration of electronic control, enabling motorized telescopic shock absorbers and an electrically-operated tailgate.

Long 4,763mm
Broad 1,890mm
High 1,605mm
Distance between axis 2,888mm
trunk volume 545 – 1,490 l / 390 – 1,335 l *

The novel GLC Coupé exhibits a shared frontal design with the GLC, boasting distinctive narrow, wedge-shaped horizontal headlamps that are paired with a radiator grille featuring varied styling based on the trim level. For instance, the “AMG Line” showcases multiple chrome stars. The front bumper also exhibits divergent air intake designs that correspond to the level of equipment.

Examining the vehicle from its profile, it becomes evident that the new GLC Coupé is not only larger and equipped with 18-inch to 20-inch alloy wheels but also features a roofline design that progressively descends towards the rear in a softened manner. The new lights are linked by a decorative bar that lacks a light function. The car’s sportiness is evident in its sleek, integrated spoiler on the tailgate ledge and the tailpipe trims seamlessly integrated into the rear bumper.

The technological interior of the new Mercedes GLC Coupé is striking. Inherited from the C-Class and the most recent GLC, there is no discernible difference. The slim 12.3-inch digital display on the instrument panel comes standard behind the new multifunction steering wheel with touch controls. Additionally, the 11.9-inch touchscreen for the MBUX system is located on the center console, extending to the transmission tunnel. This configuration garners more attention with the optional 12.4-inch touchscreen between the two front seats.

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe - interior

In customary fashion, the catalogue of apparatus for the recently launched Mercedes GLC Coupé is practically boundless. While it comes furnished with the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system as standard and active 4.5º steering on the rear axle, it can, as an option, swivel the back wheels up to 10º. The MultiBeam LED headlights are not compulsory -Full LED lights being the default- and there exists an even more sophisticated illuminating option with digital headlights that project symbols onto the pavement.

The list is so extensive that it also encompasses several comfort features, such as the “AIRMATIC” air suspension and safety assistants, augmented reality-based navigation, Head-up Display, a novel 360º camera that renders the bonnet invisible, and even a novel panoramic roof with 60 mm more glass surface area than the GLC.

The new Mercedes GLC Coupé makes its appearance with seven engines, three of which are PHEVs.

The engine lineup of the new Mercedes GLC Coupé consists of seven alternatives, including two gasoline and two diesel, all of which are four-cylinder and equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged block that is outfitted with 48V MHEV technology. The starter motor and generator provides an additional power of 23 CV solely in the acceleration phase and for a few seconds, along with features that can be examined in further detail below.