New Mazda CX-60 is the pinnacle of ‘Crafted in Japan’

New Mazda CX-60 is the pinnacle of ‘Crafted in Japan’

There are models that make their appearance full timehaving in their specifications everything they need to improve the type they own but also mark a wonderful commercial course.

One of these charismatic, so to speak, models is CX-60which has all the identifying features Mazda in these 100 years of its existence. At the same time, “Made in Japan”, reflecting his country of origin, stands out in all areas and in every detail. The first Plug in Hybrid model introduced by Mazda in the European market is also the most powerful car ever produced. The Europeans chose it from the beginning and thus the CX-60 records more than 25,000 sales within 10 months.

The CX-60well, and compelling styleit is its latest, most modern and most powerful expression Kodo Designof Mazda’s design philosophy which is shown here with clean, beautiful lines and a mask to emphasize which contributes to creating a strong and courageous personality.

The Kodo Design of course it also applies to internal affairscharacterized by its contemporary image and a a strong aura of luxury which is designed with high quality materials used and with flawless assembly.

Flawlessaccording to the tradition of Mazda, it is also ergonomicsthis is also clear to be human-centered approach of all philosophies. At the same time, brand engineers have put special emphasis high technology trends of a large SUV. The car has a modern infotainment system, with a large 12.3-inch screen in the middle of the dashboard, with all the connectivity options, as well as all the available assistance systems.

From these we will distinguish Adaptive Cruise Control which automatically adjusts the distance and speed of the vehicle in relation to the vehicles in front and returns it to the one selected by the driver once all conditions are met.

Without doubt, The MyMazda appwhich provides the connected smartphone of the driver with all the information and data he wants.

But the peak of high technology that has been used in the new Mazda CX-60 is Driver Personalization System. This unique facial recognition system adds even more driver and vehicle experience, Jinba Ittai, as it recognizes each person sitting behind its wheel and continues to adjust a total of 250 parameters – among them the position of the seat, the steering wheel, the mirrors and the interior of the car, for maximum comfort and safety.

For this purpose, the Driver Preference System uses a camera that activates technology to assess the shape of the driver, who only needs to set his height for the first time so that the system can determine the best place to drive.

In fact the driver can intervene and change the setting according to his own wishes, while how the driver recognition system works in practice you can see in the following video, and Mazda Brand Ambassador Autosee, no Greek-Japanese chef Sotiris Kontiza.

With all advanced security and support systems which the new has Mazda CX-60 but also and its completely new look which is specially designed for rear or all-wheel drive, h the highest distinction of 5 stars from Euro NCAP because the security you provide is self-evident.

CX-60, which of course also stands out for its interior space, thus covering family orientation best of all, it’s also his first example of a plug-in hybrid Mazda.

Its pumping system consists of four-cylinder gasoline of 2,500 cubic meters of brand and one motor with a power of 129 kW of electricity. Thus, joint performance it is enough for them 327 horsepowera price that on the one hand makes the CX-60 2.5 e-Skyactiv PHEV a the most powerful model in the history of Mazda and on the other hand it ensures very good performance.

That’s how it is 0-100 km/h is completed in just a short time 5.8 secondstime the end its speed is limited 200 km/h, time average official expenditure it’s just 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions of only 33 grams per kilometer.

The second power that the CX-60 is equipped with is also special. This is particularly modern 3,300cc in-line six-cylinder diesel engine which proves its reputation Mazda as one a company that does not hesitate to innovate and yes goes off the beaten path. Mazda’s new diesel engine is cleanest diesel engine in the world!

The 3.3 e-Skyactiv D, featuring advanced compression technology (DCPCI, Distribution-Controlled Partially Premixed Compression Ignition) with circular pistons, excels in its smooth power delivery and civilized performance, while the 2.5 e – Skyactiv PHEV. it comes standard with a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

Of course here too, the driver can choose the driver software that suits him in each case through it MI-Drive (Mazda Intelligent Drive Select)

Time movement is passed for rear wheels 3.3 e-Skyactiv D produces 200 hpwhile it continues four-wheel drive versions reach 254 hp. The latter accelerates from a standstill to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds, while they can move even at 219 km / h.

The very new and important Mazda CX-60 available in four equipment levels Prime Line, Exclusive Line, Homura and Takumi and at prices starting from 49,432 euros for diesel versions and out €58,087 for PHEV versions.