New KIA EV6 GT-Line Edition Combines a Futuristic Style

New KIA EV6 GT-Line Edition Combines a Futuristic Style

In the year 2022, the coveted Car of the Year title was awarded to the latest model designated to replace the KIA Stinger. The Korean automotive brand has unveiled a new iteration of its high-end electric crossover, known as the KIA EV6 GT-Line Edition. This exclusive edition serves to further solidify the model’s market positioning, boasting a motor that generates over 200 horsepower and a battery capable of delivering a driving range of over 500 kilometers.

KIA has set a lofty objective of establishing its largest electric vehicle as the preferred choice among customers who prioritize sustainability and seek familiarity. This ambitious undertaking has been entrusted to the EV6 model, in the wake of Stinger’s disappointing sales performance, leading to its discontinuation from the market.

The EV6 is a model that stands out within its range and segment, uniquely imbued with a sporty disposition, capable of rivaling the leading German sedans in the D segment. The KIA EV6 GT-Line Edition has been introduced as a special edition model, intended to expand the appeal of electric driving to a broader customer base. This version inherits the very sporty DNA of its predecessor, albeit with a more restrained temperament. It is currently available for purchase exclusively in the Netherlands.


KIA EV6 GT-Line Edition

Visually, the KIA EV6 boasts an avant-garde design that sets it apart from its counterparts in the range. Its unique crossover styles and distinctive features, such as the recessed and retractable door handles, body-colored wheel arches, and 20-inch alloy wheels, enhance the model’s overall presence and elevate the body height by a few millimeters.

The interior exudes a sporty flair, evident in the vegan leather and suede upholstery of the electrically adjustable front seats and the aluminum pedals. To cater to discerning customers, the automaker has lavishly furnished the KIA EV6 with an extensive range of standard equipment, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Interested buyers can expect to enjoy the following elements:

  • Heated and climate-controlled front seats
  • heated rear seats
  • Median Premium Sound System
  • Tilting panoramic roof
  • Head-up Display with augmented reality
  • Lane change roadside assist
  • 360º camera
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • smart headlight system
  • dynamic turn signals
  • heat pump
  • heated steering wheel
  • Black headlining
  • Induction charger for mobile devices
  • ambient lighting

The recently launched KIA EV6 GT-Line Edition is presented as an entry-level option, featuring a rear-mounted electric motor that boasts a peak power output of 170 kW, which translates to a remarkable 231 horsepower. This model is coupled with the most substantial lithium-ion battery pack ever incorporated into the South Korean marque’s “Electric-Global Modular Platform” (E-GMP)-based vehicles, boasting an impressive 77.4 kWh capacity.

This battery configuration furnishes sufficient energy to cover a maximum driving distance of 504 kilometers on a single charge, granting drivers the freedom to embark on extended excursions.