New Honda CR-V, improvements with a high aim

New Honda CR-V, improvements with a high aim

New Honda CR-V it is expected to raise the bar in terms of design, practicality and everyday use when it arrives in Europe later this year.

New Honda CRV it has been improved on all levels to be perfect SUV for any kind of use. It combines the high-end and sporty values ​​that the brand is known for Honda, together with the most modern driving aids and passive safety, to provide excellent reliability, dynamics and comfort. The use of high quality colors, materials and fabrics throughout the cabin has improved CRV more towards him payment category.

The CRV will be given by a choice between the complete combination (e:HEV) or, for the first time on the European market, one plugin hybrid drive system (e:PHEV) Both versions are equipped with a 2.0-liter direct-injection four-cylinder gasoline engine that works on a circuit. Atkinsonwhich is optimized for enhanced performance, civilized performance and smart performance across the range.


Version e:PHEV it uses compact, lightweight and high-performance electric motors like its ‘little brother’. CRV e:HEV offering impressive speeds, fast charging times and a very competitive all-electric range.

The plugin hybrid new CRV it can travel 82 km in electric mode and complete most daily trips on electric power alone. When the battery temperature is at 25 degrees, its charging from 0 to 100% of its capacity is completed in just 2.5 hours.



A complete hybrid CRV will feature the latest version of the award-winning operating system e:HEV of the brand, which first appeared in the award-winning Civil hatchback. A powerful lithium-ion battery and two compact, lightweight electric motors combine with the gasoline engine to seamlessly switch between programs. EV, Hybrid and Engine Storage, making it brand new CRV e:HEV ideal for all driving conditions.

The new model retains its familiar silhouette, but has evolved with intelligent and creative interventions that increase its presence on the road. This starts with a more targeted design on the front end, and releases e:HEV and e:PHEV distinguish from each other by their unique mask design. Small light bodies combine with new daytime running light signatures to create a strong visual presence, while at the rear the vertically mounted brake lights and indicators are a clever evolution of the instantly recognizable rear light design. CRV.

The development of its structure CRV it also includes an increase in all vehicle dimensions. Larger in width, length and height than the outgoing model, all new CRV it offers more interior space for passengers. Greater than 40 mm wheelbase provides 16 mm More legroom in the back and 18% more luggage space. Thanks to the eight levels of adjustment of the backrest of the rear seats and with a large angle of 10.5 °, passengers can rest in maximum comfort.

The new Honda CR-V interior

Advanced active and passive security

Its improved suite of features and functions Honda FEELING contributes to leading active and passive safety classrooms. Brand new CRV is the first model to include Honda FEELING 360, the company’s new safety and driver assistance system that “sees” in all directions, which eliminates blind spots around the car and further helps prevent collisions by reducing the burden on the driver.