New Generation Lexus NX counting down the days in Turkey

New Generation Lexus NX counting down the days in Turkey

The brand’s representative in the D-SUV segment, the New NX, will also be available in Turkey from March, including Lexus’ first hybrid model.

Along with the new-generation NX, a Lexus plug-in hybrid version will also be available. Reflecting Lexus’ expertise in hybrid technology for more than 15 years, the first plug-in model takes the stage under the name of the new NX 450h+.

The NX 450h+ hybrid system combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine with a 134 kW front motor and a 40 kW rear motor. The electric motors are powered by a battery with the highest capacity in its class of 18.1 kWh, which can also be charged externally with a cable. The rear electric motor provides four-wheel drive with E-Four technology.

Advanced efficiency and power in the NX Plugin

The NX 450h+ delivers 309 HP as total power and thus completes the acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 6.3 seconds. Despite this high performance, it offers the best values ​​in its class with CO2 emissions of 20-26 g/km and an average fuel consumption of 0.9-1.1 lt/100 km according to WLTP tests. Lexus’ long history with electric motors makes the NX stand out as a model with class-leading electric driveability. While the NX has an electric range of 69-76 km on average for mixed use, it can travel up to 98 km in the city with only the electric motor, according to the release.

The fact that the car still maintains its high performance when the battery is charged is another step in Lexus’ transition to hybrid use. While many competing systems cause the vehicle to operate as a conventional internal combustion vehicle when the battery is discharged, the NX 450h+’s self-charging hybrid system ensures that efficiency is 30 percent higher on average than its competitors’ fuel consumption. In this case, the gasoline engine adapts to the charging mode of the battery and helps to achieve better energy management. It also ensures that there is always more power in the battery so that the NX can use only electric power.

However, the NX 450h+ battery can be recharged in about 2.5 hours by connecting to 230 V/32 A and a 6.6 kW charging system in the vehicle.

“The new NX will be one of the flagship models of Lexus in Turkey”

Ali Haydar Bozkurt, CEO and Chairman of the Board, said that the brand will increase its claims further with the arrival of the NX model on the Turkish market. “When we launch our new NX model in the first quarter of next year, we will further stake our claim in the D SUV and premium segment. As you can see, the new NX represents a new era for the brand and will be one of the models that will shape the future of the brand. This model will make a significant contribution to our growth in terms of volume in Turkey and will be one of our flagship models. The NX, which will play a major role in Lexus’ journey in Europe and Turkey, will strengthen our hand next year. We believe that the New NX, which it will be offered for sale in Turkey with hybrid and plug-in options, it will also be appreciated by premium segment users. In addition, shipping companies are very interested in our brand and we have already started pre-order negotiations for the new NX.” say.