New Ford Kuga 2022-2023, the new model of the best-selling SUV in Europe in recent months.

New Ford Kuga 2022-2023, the new model of the best-selling SUV in Europe in recent months.

Time of remodel Ford Kuga and the expectations are very high when we are dealing with the best-selling SUV in Europe, at least in its PHEV version. If the battery capacity does not allow for long range, it recharges quickly during deceleration and stop phases. The ability to regenerate can be increased by using the L button in the middle of the selector. Let’s take a closer look:

  • How to update Ford Kuga 2022-2023

  • Ford Kuga 2022-2023 between redesign, feedback and relaunch

How to update Ford Kuga 2022-2023

The the most notable development in the new 2022-2023 Ford Kuga is at the front, with a new grille that is wider and lower. It includes a large Ford logo in the center and the headlights have also been revised, with a new light signature. It’s all finished with a thin strip, also shining, above the grille, which connects the headlights.

The shield has been modified, with gray guards to mark its SUV side. The back does not budge. The interior of the lamp is subtly modified with an inverted U signature and the boot handle disappears from the tailgate.

On board, Ford Kuga facelift 2022-2023 is notable for its larger central screen. Starting at 8 inches before going up to 13.2 inches like the updated Focus. So the dashboard has been slightly reworked: some of the original buttons – start, demist, volume wheel or shortcut for the reversing camera – move to the bottom of the center console, instead of the climate control controls that are now digital through the touch screen.

Digital meters are constantly displayed on the 12.3-inch panel. The Ford Kuga also retains its sliding rear seat, varying the passenger’s legroom and trunk size as needed.

Ford Kuga 2022-2023 between redesign, feedback and relaunch

Ford continues to develop a range of engines Cough. The current generation, launched in 2019, is more efficient than ever, presenting itself well and using Toyota technology for its hybrid and plug-in engines.

The new model should remain faithful to its 100% internal combustion engines or four cylinders 1.5 EcoBoost and 2.0 EcoBoost and to hybrids or HEV 2.5 Hybrid or PHEV 2.5 Plug-in Hybrid. But it cannot be ruled out that it could focus only on hybrid engines, in a simple hybrid version or with a plug-in hybrid proposal. The hybrid version of the Ford Kuga turns into one A good choice in the family SUV range. With road holding and interior volume that is not penalized by a small battery, the Kuga remains the best friend for the family.

Inside, Ford therefore opts for large balances or for gradual and controlled improvements. Expect the inevitable updates to the multimedia system and driver aids, but in real terms the current 12.3-inch touchscreen will no doubt give way to the recently launched 13.2-inch feature on the latest-generation Focus.