New Electric Motorcycle, Gova Officially Sold in Indonesia by Kilats Group

New Electric Motorcycle, Gova Officially Sold in Indonesia by Kilats Group

The market for electric motorcycles in the country has been strong recently. There are not a few companies that sell battery-powered motorcycles for sale to the people of Indonesia. One of them is the Gova F600, which is sold by PT Kilats Energy Indonesia (Kilats) and introduced to the media on Wednesday (12/4).

According to Vincent Yap, CEO of Kilats Group, the Gova F600 can meet the needs of motorcycle users in Indonesia and the Asian market in particular. “If this long seat, of course it has a lot of capacity, it is not the same in Singapore where he lives, it is not unusual for a family to drive one motorcycle, although it is not a model,” he joked.

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However, behind the joke, it means that what is behind the long chair, there is a job opportunity. “Under the seat can accommodate two batteries and a product space that can be a place to store helmets,” he explained.

Interesting, about the battery life that is in this Gova. “We use the system replace the battery, in collaboration with NIU. However, because there are two battery slots, users can also have one battery. So there is an option to have a single battery or use a system exchange absolutely battery,” Vincent said.

This can be a fun option. Because, when this electric scooter is used every day, it can use one battery that can bepayment At home. “If at the end of the week you want to go a little further, one part of the battery can be used by the system replace the battery. After finishing the route, the only thing left is to put the battery back in the engine,” said Vincent.

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Renting a used battery for an exchange system is quite cheap. “In the future it is planned to be around Rp. 300 thousand per month,” he said. Indeed, Gova is scheduled to be sold in the next three to four months, because it is currently still in the process of pairing.

Regarding the price, Vincent said that buying one battery will be between Rp.30 million. At the same time, if without battery about Rp. 20 million.