New BMW 5 Series: Prices announced in Greece

New BMW 5 Series: Prices announced in Greece

Just 24 hours after the official presentation of the new BMW 5 Series and its price is known.

The Greek mission updated the 5-layer generator with new versions, two electronic and three thermal. It is worth noting that in the context of the presentation, BMW announced that “the market launch of the BMW 5 Series Sedan will begin in October 2023.”

The new fuel type of the model is currently available in medium hybrid versions. Two PHEV variants will follow in the spring of 2024 (530e and 550e xDrive), along with an electric Touring, while we also expect the M5, along with petrol station wagon versions.

Currently, in Europe, there are two pure electric variants of the i5, the rear-wheel drive eDrive 40 (340 PS and 430 Nm) and the rear-wheel drive M60 xDrive (601 PS and 820 Nm). The battery in both versions has an energy capacity of 81.2 kWh, ensuring a range of 582 km and 516 km, respectively.

The only petrol-powered European version will be the (PHEVs pending) 520i, with its 2-litre four-cylinder engine, producing 208PS and 330Nm. For diesel lovers, there’s the rear-wheel drive 520d and all-wheel drive 520d xDrive, with a 2.0 L engine producing 197 PS and 400 Nm.

Detailed prices start at 66,700 euros for the 520i and 69,200 euros for the 520d and reach 106,500 euros for the i5 m60 xDrive.