NCT’s Taeyong Will Do A Showcase For His First Song

KPOPCHART.NET- Taeyong is one of the members boy groups and also the leader from NCT some time ago announced that they would be releasing their first mini album.

A small album Taeyong’s solo single titled “SHALALA” will be released on June 5th.

Taeyong has also released a few jokes who had several different concepts for his first mini album.

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A small album Taeyong’s first solo will have 7 songs on the mini album.

This time Taeyong will hold on exhibition to celebrate his first solo single.

Demonstrations Taeyong with the name SHALALA’Showcase – CODE Stage’ at SJ Kunsthalle, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul South Korea at 8 pm KST.

House of Show Taeyong will present various performances including title track from his first mini album titled “SHALALA”.

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Likewise in exhibition will also be performing b-side songs on the mini-album.

And also Taeyong will talk about the feelings of his first song and the production process a small album of.

And good news for overseas fans can see exhibition Taeyong will be live on YouTube, NCT’s TikTok channel and Idol Plus.

A small album Taeyong’s first solo can be heard through various music platforms on June 5 at 18:00 KST.

Come, support and look forward to the latest news from Taeyong NCT!