Nadiem Makarim’s 2 Billion Cars ‘Disappeared’ Leave Cheap Cars

Nadiem Makarim’s 2 Billion Cars ‘Disappeared’ Leave Cheap Cars


With a net worth of IDR 4.8 trillion, the car currently owned by Nadiem Makarim is not a luxury. But he was once known to have billions of cars which have now ‘disappeared’.

People with money generally have good taste in cars. Especially if you have trillions of assets, maybe some of them choose to recommend a car at an incredible price.

But that was not done by the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim. Considering detikOto in the State Administration Wealth Report (LHKPN) of 2023 that Nadiem paid for the purchase of 2022, he had only one car when his wealth increased by IDR 3.6 trillion.

Even that one car is not considered extraordinary, because it is a Honda Brio released in 2017. This small car is estimated to be worth IDR 162 million. However, compared to his previous wealth acquisition as stated in the 2022 LHKPN, Nadiem once had a car worth billions of rupiah. But now the car has ‘disappeared’ and is no longer registered in the latest LHKPN.

The two cars worth billions are the 2018 Toyota Vellfire and the 2018 Audi Q5. It is written in the 2022 wealth report that the 2018 Toyota Vellfire is worth IDR 1,026,582,550. Likewise, the 2018 Audi Q5 reported by Nadiem fetched a value of IDR 1,475,000,000.

In the latest report, the two cars worth billions are no more. Before his disappearance, the assets in the form of three vehicles reported by Nadiem were worth IDR 2,663,582,550. However, because it is ‘disappeared’, the property in the form of a car is Rp. 162,000,000 only.

Compared to other assets, transport and machinery have the least value. Nadiem’s ​​largest assets are in the form of securities worth IDR 5,590,317,273,184 followed by land and buildings worth IDR 55,328,240,850, cash and cash equivalents IDR 12,271,733,513, other assets 0,00,00,00,00,000,000,000 and other assets IDR 752,335. 13,000 . He also reported having a debt of IDR 790,761,956,789.

So if the sum is taken and deducted from the debt, the wealth in 2022 will reach IDR 4,871,469,603,758.

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