Most Wanted Story – – Latest Indonesian News Today

Most Wanted Story – – Latest Indonesian News Today

The popular Daihatsu Taft GT is the prima donna on Indonesian roads. (photo/Car)

Total Peel, Gesulawesi – Have you ever heard of a car that has an immortal story? Daihatsu Taft GT, a car that never dies and remains a target today.

Once upon a time, the famous Daihatsu Taft GT was the prima donna on Indonesian roads.

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With its streamlined design and packed with diesel engines, the Taft GT is something to behold.

However, as the fog slowly dissipated, its presence was scarce on the streets.

However, this vehicle remains a target for jeep fans and off-road enthusiasts.

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Apparently, the reason for its popularity is a powerful chassis and a powerful diesel engine, making it fast and agile in all aspects.

In Indonesia, the Daihatsu Taft GT is offered in a variety of models with a choice of 4×4 and 4×2 wheel drive.

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Whether it is a long chassis or a short chassis, the Taft GT can always impress its fans.

As the closing production in Indonesia, Daihatsu Taft GT made a breakthrough by launching a unique new variant, namely Daihatsu Taft GT Rocky.

Undoubtedly, the presence of Daihatsu Taft GT Rocky immediately attracted consumers and dominated the car market.

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In fact, to meet the urban needs, which is dominated by paved roads, Daihatsu also launched a gasoline version under the name Daihatsu Feroza, which is equipped with 4 × 2 wheel that is perfect for the urban environment.

However, don’t think that the popularity of Daihatsu Taft GT is limited to Indonesia.

In the land of Kangaroos, this tough car has also received a change of identity to be called the Toyota Blizard, but still with 4×4 wheel drive which is the mainstay.

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With smart strategy and unique customization, Daihatsu Taft GT and its special variants have succeeded in stealing attention and making history in the global automotive industry.

The Daihatsu Taft GT is powered by a uniquely coded 2.7-litre 4-litre DL diesel engine.

This machine is capable of producing a power of 74 hp/3,600 rpm and a torque of 171.6 Nm at 2,200 rpm.

Until 1995, a short chassis (SWB) version of the Daihatsu Taft GT was available.

Meanwhile, the long chassis version (LWB) was maintained until 2007.

However, in terms of comfort, this Daihatsu Taft has not lived up to expectations.

The sound of the engine entering the cabin and the driver’s seat that doesn’t quite fit the pedals are some of the problems that users face.

This is due to the size of the deck floor which is large, so the clutch pedal is slightly to the right and closer to the brake pedal.

In terms of standard equipment, the Daihatsu Taft GT is equipped with Power Steering and Central Door Lock, just like jeeps in the 90s era.

However, the engine is unmistakable.

The Daihatsu Taft GT engine can be started in 30 seconds when cold.

In addition, the diesel engine shows better performance when the engine temperature increases.

The stability and maneuverability of the Daihatsu Taft GT is also quite stable. (*/YN)

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