More charging options for electric vehicles and PHEV BMW and MINI

More charging options for electric vehicles and PHEV BMW and MINI

Personal charging solutions, together with access to payment infrastructure and innovative digital services, establish the BMW Group as a pioneer in luxury electrification.

BMW Charging Services and MINI Charging expand charging options with the launch of the 5th generation (Gen5) electrification. Innovative payment solutions and digital services for easy and convenient charging at home, work and in public facilities meet all kinds of needs.

The success of electrification will depend on the availability of payment solutions that benefit customers. BMW Group customers choose the comfort of electric driving and unparalleled power performance that does not burden the environment. The company aims to ensure a smooth and easy payment process. BMW ‘360° Electric’ has already launched and gradually expanded the range of customer services when the BMW i3 was launched in 2013. The BMW Charging Solutions represent the next step corresponding to the arrival of Gen5. For example, with the launch of the all-electric BMW iX3, customers will be able to install a personal payment solution based on their profile when setting up their electric car – from homeowners, to drivers who park on the street, to managers of electric fleets. commercial vehicles.

The range is completed with innovative philosophies based on years of experience in the fields of digitization and electronics. Services such as eDrive Zones and BMW Points help drivers of hybrid vehicles to use them efficiently and with respect for the environment.

Charging at home

Home charging options expand with the new BMW Flexible Fast Charger available for the first time for the iX3*. Thanks to the adjustable adapter, the Flexible Fast Charger system works with household and industrial sockets with a charging power of up to 11 kW. The Adaptive Charger adapts to existing charging infrastructure, at home or on the road. In addition, the BMW Wallbox wall charger is available with a charging power of up to 22 kW. For customers who use billing or want to integrate a wall box into home energy management, the BMW Charging range offers a Smart Partner Wall Box with specific partners in each market. Wallbox functionality can be extended through cloud services. All payment solutions can be combined with a complete installation package available at a special price (provided that the requirements of the building structure are met). Green electricity tariff included in the service.

Charging in public

For charging in public areas, the BMW and MINI Charging Card gives BMW and MINI owners access to one of the largest charging networks in the world, with approximately 450,000 charging stations. This includes around 24,000 charging stations in Germany alone and 160,000 across Europe. The charging points are displayed in the navigation system and in the app so that the user can better plan the charging stations. With the BMW iX3 and subsequent models, customers will receive a BMW Charging Card, including a free annual subscription, and a standard cable that can be used at public charging stations throughout the European Union. The devices allow customers to use AC, DC and high voltage charging stations across Europe in a transparent, standardized and affordable manner.

Charging BMW includes high-energy charging services from partner company, IONITY. IONITY’s high-energy charging stations on roadsides and highways enable rapid charging of up to 350 kW over approximately 120 km. This means that the BMW iX3, for example, can be charged to 80% of its capacity in 34 minutes. More than 400 charging stations with a total of 2,000 charging stations will be available by 2022.

Charging at the workplace

Charging BMW also includes payment options for fleet customers and company car drivers. Its holistic approach covers all payment requirements: from assessment of installation and operational requirements to pricing. Motorists use a standard charging card at home, at work and at public charging stations, even for payments. A smart wall box, including a charging solution that complies with German energy law, is available for home charging. The service is carried out by special partners of the BMW Group in each market.

The BMW Group already implements workplace-wide payments at its facilities. A total of 4,100 charging stations will be installed at BMW plants in Germany by 2021, around 50% of which will be accessible to the public. The project, the first of its kind, also allows the use of the company’s standard payment card or the BMW Group app and charging at the BMW employee’s preferential rate, and includes functions such as joint charging at home with a smart box on the wall. This philosophy will spread to other European countries in the coming years.

eDrive Zones, BMW Points and more: digital services

BMW and MINI offer a range of digital services that support electrification. In the latest version of the BMW Operating System, digital services have been expanded with additional payment functions.

In iX3 and later models, the route guide uses the efficient charging service eRouting. It also calculates expected charging costs and displays the quality profile of charging stations. Charging usage is reduced by a number of additional functions on the center screen or in the myBMW app and the BMW charging app, such as an overview of all charging history and frequencies.

The emphasis this year will be on the digital services of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs): Since the launch of the fourth generation, more and more BMW hybrid models have been equipped with the revolutionary geofencing feature that allows the vehicles to detect green. zone and automatically switch to the all-electric program when you enter eDrive Zones, depending on payment status. This happens automatically and does not require any work intervention from the driver. Thanks to an innovative driving strategy, PHEVs can drive without emissions, especially in urban areas, and, at the same time, significantly reduce noise and operating costs for the car owner.

The BMW Points loyalty program rewards drivers of certain PHEVs for using electricity more often with bonus points. For every kilometer driven in electric mode, they earn one BMW Point, or two BMW Points per electric kilometer in eDrive Zones. Points can be redeemed as credit for BMW Charging. In this way, the PHEV owner is rewarded with frequent electricity consumption and free charging energy.

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