Moose test: Polestar 2 is better than BMW i4, but not Tesla Model 3

Moose test: Polestar 2 is better than BMW i4, but not Tesla Model 3

Polestar 2 moose test | Photo: (YouTube)
  • Polestar 2 passed the test with an entry speed of 74 km / h

  • The BMW i4 did it at a speed of 73 kilometers per hour, but it also had a tendency to overshoot.

  • Tesla Model 3 is still the champion of this test, with a speed of 83 km / h

The Polestar 2 performed quite well in the moose test conducted by in Spain, but still leaves room for improvement.

Indeed, the Swedish electric sedan managed to avoid all the seeds by entering the test area at a speed of 74 km / h.

This puts it in the middle of the pack compared to other electric cars, ahead of the BMW i4 but behind the Tesla Model 3.

The test involves suddenly avoiding a series of cones representing an obstacle, such as a roof, by jumping into the left lane but immediately returning to the right lane to avoid oncoming traffic.

This is a very mandatory test that focuses on the dynamic characteristics of the car’s platform and the safety of its handling on the road.

During testing, the Polestar 2 with the Performance Package, which includes Öhlins adjustable dampers, seemed to have a tendency to understeer when pushed hard into a corner.

In contrast, the BMW i4, which tended to overshoot, was only able to complete the test when entering a corner at 73 km/h. This small speed difference doesn’t make the i4 safer on the road, but its character might be.

Indeed, understeer is generally considered safer because it is easier to control by novice drivers than oversteer, which requires quick and precise adjustments with the steering wheel to stay on the intended lane.

The Polestar was also significantly faster than the BMW in the standard slalom test, which it completed in 22.8 seconds compared to 24 for the i4. Also, the BMW’s oversteer caused the driver to completely lose control and end up on the grass immediately after the stability control was turned off.

This Polestar 2 slalom time is very impressive as it is the fastest ever recorded for this test, but the Tesla Model 3 and Y have yet to compete.

These two types should be faster as they are also moose test champions, with an entry speed of 83 km/h.

Source: (YouTube)