Monaco – Free practice 2: Verstappen dominates – Holy on the barriers

Monaco – Free practice 2: Verstappen dominates – Holy on the barriers

Max Verstappen emerged dominant, in free practice 2, unlike Carlos Sainz who, shortly before the end of the session, ended up in the barriers.

By Kellys Lampridou

Max Verstappen was able to resolve the set-up problems his RB19 was experiencing, and as a result was able to dominate Free Practice 2, stopping the clock in 1:12.462.

On the contrary, free trial protagonist 1, Carlos Sainz was unlucky because 15 minutes before the end of the session, he hit the right front wheel of his car on the barrier on the right side, at the entrance of the pool chicane. With the SF-23 suspension broken, the Spaniard failed to turn into the left-hand chicane, ending up in the barriers and causing the only red flag of the season.

The Scuderia Ferrari driver, however, is in good health.

With 12 minutes remaining, the red flag rule ended and the drivers were able to take to the track once more, continuing to choose to focus on race simulation, leaving the top times unchanged.

It is worth noting that in the first half an hour, Lewis Hamilton seemed to take advantage of the updated W14, fighting with Alonso (who continued to suffocate, with an equally updated Aston Martin) and Max Verstappen, for first place. On the contrary – and despite the second place, which he was able to get – Charles Leclerc seemed to have problems flying in the slow corners of the track.

Lando Norris also faced problems, as his program was delayed due to problems experienced by the McLaren MCL60, first with the electronics and later with the power system.

Detailed results of free trial 2: