Moge Harley-Davidson Against Honda BeAT Moms in Majalengka, Moge Hadi Dive Got

The accident involved a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a Honda BeAT owned by a mother in Majalengka. (Instagram @besokseninco)

MOTOR – An accident between a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a Honda Beat brought by mothers in Majalengka.

There was an accident between a large Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a self-propelled Honda Beat motorcycle driven by a mother.

This event was recorded in an amateur video circulating on social networks, one of which was uploaded by the Instagram account @besokseninco.

“Reporting. Report from Friends of Bsco @p_initial and @imfirmansyah

There was an accident on Jalan Ligung – Jatiwangi, to be precise, near the highway / Jalan Sukani – Pilang, around 9.15 WIB this morning.

The accident involved a Honda Beat motorcycle driven by the women and a group of mobs.

*Allegedly* the hit motorcycle was hit by a ball, then Moge swerved to the left and entered the ditch.

There were no fatalities in this incident, the driver is known to have minor injuries.” write a short description on the upload.

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Quote TribunJabar.idInternet user and witness of the incident, Panji, narrated the incident.

He said a group of moge was known to slip from the Ligung side to Jatiwangi.