Miniature Porsche 911 RSR Tribute Yamanouchi-san at 1:18 by GT Spirit – GT394 – –

Miniature Porsche 911 RSR Tribute Yamanouchi-san at 1:18 by GT Spirit – GT394 – –

Another great find thanks to GT Spirit and its 1:18 resin miniature: Porsche 911 RSR Hommage Yamanouchi-san that comes straight from Japan.

Japanese success
A Japanese enthusiast, Yamanouchi-san, has made the Porsche 911 RSR of his dreams especially ugly, noisy and bright yellow that is unrecognizable. This 911 is driving its driver to hell with his fiery temper.

The Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 is a rare and highly sought after example. It was designed by Porsche for Group 4 to dominate the circuits. Unable to afford the real deal, Yamanouchi-san commissioned a conversion based on a 1980 Porsche 911 3.0 SC to Watahiki Custom Build & Restoration in Mito, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan. The man in charge of this company – Watahiki-san – designed this unique model paying homage to the 911 RSR for almost 3 years.

Once at Watahiki-san’s garage, the car was completely broken down to the shell to leave with a bang. The original front and rear fenders have been modified with aluminum and widened. The new bumpers are designed to adapt to the new curves of the car. The glass side window has been replaced with Plexiglas. While the original Porsche 911 RSR was made as light as possible with sheet-thin body panels, Yamanouchi-san plans to replace them with aluminum components in the future. Total weight is 1050 kg.

The vessel was then repainted “Light Yellow” to brighten it up. The two oil holes on the bonnet are dummy.

The sporty chassis features Bilstein shock absorbers and reinforced front and rear torsion bars making the car very efficient on the track but uncomfortable on the road. Braking has also been enhanced to stop the car effectively.

In terms of the engine, there are no major preparations: 230 hp power from the 3.0-liter Flat 6, connected to the Porsche 915 manual gearbox.

No need for a turbo as its owner points out. The setup is more aesthetic with custom-made rims and two different models painted in the same bronze color: the Panasports model in 16 × 11J at the front and the Work Meister M1 model at 18 × 13J at the rear.

Inside, stripped Sparco bucket seats, roll cage, bare floor and roof, Alcantara storm doors, …

Original rendering of 1:18
Here is a small photo of the Porsche 911 in the original and well-designed GT Spirit version that continues to amaze us. The Porsche 911 RSR Hommage Yamanouchi-san has been fully rendered with attention to detail both externally and internally.

The elegant cabin includes Sparco seats, the traditional 911 counters have been reproduced but also two more are placed on the dashboard.

We can distinguish the aluminum pedals, the fabric armrests, the arch of the castle and the strange bar that runs under the dashboard (the details are missing on the full-size model), the straps inside the doors, …

Turning the car around, you notice the extreme width of the car, especially at the rear where the tires look out of proportion. Some details have been given, especially the 3-piece exhaust, which is difficult to see when the car is mounted on these 4 wheels. The sound is as sharp as the car looks.

As for the bodywork, we really have the feeling of seeing a real Porsche 911 RSR with all its features.

The GT Spirit has managed to reduce the original design with special attention to detail and many added features such as embossed parts, many inscriptions on the bodywork but also on the rear windows, Japanese license plates…

Particular attention has been paid to the genuine rear lights that include a red band with Porsche lettering. Ditto up front with black-tinted headlights that show off their interiors.

Two sets of rims with different designs are well represented with good detail showing the braking system. This miniature represents a great piece to have in one’s collection for its originality and uniqueness.

A little detail
The Porsche 911 RSR differs from most 911 cars with its front fenders that include air intakes at the level of the doors that have been drilled for the occasion to bring more realism. Note the reminder of the indicators on the front guards.

Availability and pricing
Sold at the end of 2022 at special dealers under the reference GT394, the GT Spirit miniature 1:18 resin Porsche 911 RSR Hommage Yamanouchi-san is offered in a limited edition at a suggested price of 109.95 euros.