Mini Portable AC Fan Only 150,000, Best Selling Product on Shopee

URBAN-BEKASI.COM – You’ve also been feeling hot lately even though you’re using a fan, if so, that means it’s time to switch to an air conditioner.

Because air conditioners are expensive and use electricity, there are still many people who have not thought of using air conditioners in their homes.

But now there are small AC fans that can work as fans and air conditioners, so the air produced feels fresh.

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This product is one of Shopee’s best selling AC fans with 4.9 stars. So for those who are interested in buying it, you only need to prepare funds of 150 thousand.

The way to use it is almost the same as the fan in general, is that this AC fan needs to add cold water or you can use ice cubes in the holding tank above.

Apart from its small size, because this AC fan is also portable so it can be charged using a USB cable.

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Fill the water storage tank with 600 ml and it can last for 2.5 hours to 12 hours depending on the speed used.

It has 5 spray heads where cool air comes out and a 3-speed wind pattern that can be adjusted according to your needs.

There are 7 LED lights and a timer that you can use while sleeping at night or other activities, this multi-functional AC fan is what it claims to be.

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When you don’t need cooling, you don’t need to add cooling water to the housing, turn on the fan as usual.

This AC fan can produce warm air up to 18 degrees, similar to an air conditioner, and can cool 1 private room such as a bedroom.

Turbo fan pressure so that it spreads across the room and reduces noise when in use.