Microsoft official expresses high concern about artificial intelligence

Microsoft official expresses high concern about artificial intelligence

According to a Reuters reportMicrosoft President Brad Smith said that the widespread concern about artificial intelligence is a deep lie.

Speaking about how best to control artificial intelligence, which has been spread by OpenAI’s ChatGPT in Washington, Smith said that new steps must be taken so that people can understand if the images and videos are real.

“We will have to deal with issues related to deep lies. Foreign cyber influence in particular is among the things we worry about our activities. The current activities of the Russian, Iranian and Chinese governments are at risk.

We must take effective measures to protect legitimate content from being modified to trick or defraud people using artificial intelligence.”

AI license phone

Microsoft’s president called for licensing the most important types of AI to ensure security.

“To ensure that these AI models are not stolen or used in ways that violate export control requirements, we will need next-generation export controls, and at least a reform of the existing export controls.”

Lawmakers in Washington continue their discussions for the regulation of artificial intelligence technologies.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT, testified before the US Senate last week. Altman said artificial intelligence needs regulation.

Altman, who is also backed by Microsoft, called for international unity on artificial intelligence.

Smith emphasized that humans should be responsible for any problems caused by artificial intelligence.

However, he said that the KYC protocol can be adopted with the use of artificial intelligence, as in the crypto sector.