METU Motor Sports Days brought speed enthusiasts together!

METU Motor Sports Days brought speed enthusiasts together!

Organized under the name METU Motor Sports Days, the event aimed to increase interest in the sport and raise awareness among people who already love the sport, with car shows and interviews with key names from the motor sports community.

150 people participated in the conversation, which started at the METU Culture and Congress Center at noon and continued until the evening hours; Necati Kalaycı, who is also a motocross champion like Hasan Kalaycı’s father, Off-Road team and athletes like Girl; Turkey’s youngest Off-Road Racer Melis Aksöz and Off-Road Racer Ezgi Yılmaz, 2019 junior test co-champion Ali Emre Yılmaz, co-pilot Özden Yılmaz, rally driver Mert Yudulmaz, Rallivideo founder Fatih Yalı Mukarasıfamır Superior Yılçıssis Anışış Anışırı ProDrift driver Berfu Tutumlu, Turkish two-wheel racing champion pilot Ümitcan Özdemir, Formula 1 Alpha Tauride team engineer Vuslat Odabaşı, TV presenter Hakan Girginer, Turgut Yüksekdağ and Halit Bolkan, such as famous names of the world of Turkish motor sports attended.

Another leg of the event, BMW E36, VW Golf MK1, NISSAN SILVIA S14, METU qualified racer Mert Can Büyüksan’s VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE historic rally car and Honda CBR1000RR-R, HORNET, MONKEY 125, GOLDWING near the state of air 70 motorcycles. Spectators who attended the event from outside and as METU students/staff were very impressed with the car show.

We would like to thank every member of METU Motor Sports and Traffic Society, who organized this event with the sponsorship of Petros Mobile Application, Noah’s Ankara Pasta, Honda Tansoy, Çankaya Municipality and Atomx Ant, and we wish them to continue their efforts.

Some important parts from the speeches of the guests are as follows;

Snowy Snow;

The place of motor sports is not on the road but on the track, there is no other way to satisfy the passion for speed than to push the limits of the racer’s imagination on the track.

Hakan Girginer;

The car is the most amazing product ever invented, it is like a world closed in on itself, and understanding its mysteries excites me.

Fatih Yalcinkaya;

If capturing a photo poses a security problem, or if precautions are insufficient, we will not take the photo. At this moment, it is not more important than our lives.

Ozden Yilmaz;

No one pays for my eyebrows, everyone reads the street letter. To make a difference, I have to know the rulebook completely and be able to temporarily fix the car’s mechanical problems when problems arise in difficult rally conditions.

Umit Can Ozdemir;

Every time I go to a race I get excited as if it’s the first time, my instincts and passion take me to the end.

Mustafa Yildirim;

There may be races in which some athletes cannot participate, but the race cannot start or continue until all inspectors are present and ensure safety.