Mercedes S-Class and EQS Lose ESP, ABS and Other Safety Features – – Latest Indonesian News Today

Mercedes S-Class and EQS Lose ESP, ABS and Other Safety Features – – Latest Indonesian News Today

Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury electric version (Photo/Mercedes-Benz)

Total Peel, Gesulawesi – Recently, Mercedes-Benz, the leading luxury car manufacturer, faced a major software problem in two of its newest models, the Mercedes S-Class and EQS.

Certain driving behaviors can cause a strange phenomenon in the 2022-2023 Mercedes EQS and S-Class models.

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Even if the speedometer shows 0 mph, the car is moving at a normal speed.

This issue is related to ESP software bugs that may affect user security.

To deal with this situation, Mercedes has announced the recall of 7,558 units in the United States.

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The recall covers a wide range of variants, such as the 2022 Mercedes EQS 450 and EQS 580, the 2023 Mercedes S 580e, and the 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S580 and S680.

Automakers first became aware of this problem in January 2022, when they received their first reports on the performance of the adaptive cruise control system.

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This situation presented a great challenge, as the car lacked important features such as speed control, electronic brake force distribution and even an anti-brake system.

Mercedes immediately began a thorough investigation of this problem, but found solving it a difficult task.

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Having reached the end of their research, the German automaker estimates that it will be until July before they are fully ready to tackle the problem.

Through a series of examples carried out in field conditions, Mercedes engineers were able to identify a series of errors that could lead to the failure of the ESP system.

Although no specific conditions are defined as obvious triggers, certain conditions at runtime are known to disrupt the processes performed by the system.

Despite this, Mercedes has received 96 reports that may be related to this issue, although none have resulted in an accident or injury.

Beginning July 18, Mercedes will contact affected vehicle owners and ask them to visit an authorized dealer to have the software update installed by Mercedes-trained technicians.

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This step is taken to ensure that the vehicle is properly repaired and that no problems occur in the future. (*/YN)

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