Mercedes provides identification badges to customers

Mercedes provides identification badges to customers

Contrary to what seems to be happening today with many car brands, Mercedes makes a point of distinguishing customers who remain loyal to the brand for decades. This is why there is a strict program in which badges of honor are awarded for years and kilometers covered.

Although many customers and fans of the star’s brand may not know, the truth is that Mercedes-Benz has maintained a customer loyalty recognition program since the of 60!

This program, as reported by the website Motor1, seeks to issue identification badges based not only on the mileage made by the Mercedes model (be it 100,000 km, 500,000 km, or a million km …), but also according to How long the owner keeps it his car – 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, etc…

Some of the identification badges offered by Mercedes-Benz

As for how to get one of these emblems, Mercedes car owners must first register with the brand’s branch in their country, so that their car can be inspected at a shop displayed by Mercedes-Benz itself.

If everything is appropriate and in accordance with the requirements, the seller himself will contact the owner, to provide not only a sign, but also a certificate of authenticity and a letter of recognition for the trust shown to the brand.

The case of the Portuguese taxi

Note that, in Portugal, the case of a taxi driver who drove, for 13 years, a Mercedes-Benz 200D from 1998, which he traveled 1.9 million kilometers, has already been reported. The car is currently on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

A Portuguese Mercedes-Benz 220D taxi that is nowadays in the Museu da Marca da Estrela. Photo: Soc. And. C. Santos

However, it is also worth saying that this is not a Mercedes for sale, which has accumulated more kilometers during its existence. The record belongs to a Mercedes W115 240D from 1976, owned by a Greek taxi driver, who drove more than 2.8 million kilometers!

However, and in the special case of this car, which was bought by a Greek taxi driver already second-hand and, in particular, in 1981, with 220,000 km already completed, the “legend” also concerns that the car will have seen his car. the engine was replaced “two or three times”. Which, however, did not prevent it from being bought by Mercedes in 2004, so that it could also be displayed in its museum.

Soc. And. C. Santos. The Classic Tour brought together 40 historic Mercedes-Benzes

As for Gregorios Sachinidis, as the taxi driver is called, he will have received a brand new Class C 200 CDI from the German brand.