Mercedes Merry Brito, a conversation about madness on the horizon of the city

Mercedes Merry Brito, a conversation about madness on the horizon of the city

To celebrate 21 years of history, Trem Tan Tan will be implementing various cultural programs for the public through the ‘Projeto Trem Tan Tan Convida, Loucura em Cena’. The program brings together two activities, including music and meditation. The first will take place on May 25, Thursday, at 2 pm, at the Venda Nova Cultural Center (Rua José Ferreira dos Santos, 184 – Jardim dos Comerciários BH – MG), with the title ‘Sound conversation with Tom Nascimento, on the sound of Africa , music and lineage’. On Monday, the 26th, Friday, at 3 p.m., at the Centro de Convivência do Barreiro Hall (Rua Pinheiro Chagas, 252 – Santa Helena, BH – MG), with psychologist Mercedes Merry Brito, bringing the slogan, ‘Madness is on the horizon. city’, where the conversation crosses a common path. The program is made possible by Edict Descentra 2022 – Belo Horizonte Municipal Culture Fund. Free entrance.

Many artists Babilak Bak, who is the creator of the project, talks about the importance of the program of this work. “Tan Tan Train Invites, Madness on Stage” includes meeting and talking with people from the artistic world, cultural scholars, cultural producers and anti-conservation activists, in the presentation of the dialogue between madness and reason, madness and art. That is, with the intention of starting a reflection and a hybrid dialogue in order to favor the expansion of the social perspective and the exchange of knowledge in the artistic community. In addition, the improvement of the collection of composers, bearers of intellectual suffering in its technical, cultural and political aspect “, explains the producer.

According to the producer of the project, each meeting will have a mix between music and speech. “We will be interrupted by a quiet, spontaneous conversation, driven by the rhythm of samba or voice, explaining difficult topics and questions about the life of a madman, interacting with important and urgent topics of the current political and cultural situation in the country. Therefore, everything is shown by the songs and the joint performance of Trem Tan Tan and its composers, in a combination of meaning, social issues and problems, where madness and reason will be the protagonists of unusual and unexpected conversations. In this way, Treni Tan Tan invites people to act out their questions in conversation with different voices of the city”, concludes Babilak Bak.

important discussions

The project started with the historian Markim Cardoso addressing madness, the city and the youth at the Youth Reference Center (CRJ), now the project continues with two important discussions with the living artist Tom Nascimento, bringing the theme of music, family and Africa. On May 26, psychologist and activist of the anti-asylum movement, Mercedes Merry Brito, expands her reflections on the homeless and insane population. In addition to face-to-face actions in the mix between music and speech, to close the program with a golden key, it will directly take place in the relevant name in the fight against asylum in Brazil; Paulo Amarante with the producer Tatiana Cavinato with the theme of Cultural Challenges beyond the Doors of Defense Equipment, bringing together the two thinkers, one from the area of ​​mental health and the other associated with the field of culture.

Tom Nascimento

Singer, composer and researcher of Afro-Brazilian Culture, Tom Nascimento shares art as a tool for transformation, training and awareness in the direction of common good. He has been working as an art teacher for 16 years in public schools in the city of Belo Horizonte and in the state of Minas Gerais. Motivational and inspirational speaker in companies, universities, and training/educational and cultural spaces. The artist has already recorded with Brazilian Popular Music icons such as: Milton Nascimento, Chico César, Jair Rodrigues, Luiz Melodia, among others. He represented Minas culture on tours of Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

About the Tan Tan Train

Since the beginning, this group has been coordinated by the musician, poet and art teacher Babilak Bah, who has already recorded two CDs: Trem Tan Tan (2002), and Sambabilolado (2008). In addition to these works, DVD Sambabilolado and Others Tan Tan (2015), apart from his participation in important events in the city and other states, collect in his trajectory, a set of awards. The collective Trem Tan Tan is a pioneer, being the first group associated with mental health in Belo Horizonte to have a phonographic record and perform in a theater. Live for mental reform, live for SUS for All, democracy and freedom even if tan tan.

Data sheet


– Mauro Camilo – Trumpet and vocals

– Marcos Alexandre – beat and voice

– Marcos Evandro – voice and percussion

– Rogéria Pereira – voice

Backing musicians:

– Almin Bah – dance

– Cassiano Luiz – guitar

Artistic direction:

– Babilak Bah

Service: Project “Train Tan Tan Invites, Madness on the Stage”
Tom Nascimento addressing the topic: Music, African sound and lineage.
Date and time: May 25 – 2 pm
Location: Venda Nova Cultural Center – Rua José Ferreira dos Santos, 184 – Jardim dos Comerciários, Belo Horizonte – MG

Mercedes Merry Brito, a conversation about madness on the horizon of the city
Date and time: May 26 – 3 pm
Location: Barreiro Community Center – Rua Pinheiro Chagas, 252 – Santa Helena, Belo Horizonte – MG
Free entrance

*This project is made possible by the Edict Descentra 2022 – Cultural Fund of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte with free admission.

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