Mercedes F1 2024 launch LIVE: New look for W15 revealed as Hamilton breaks silence on Ferrari move

Mercedes F1 2024 launch LIVE: New look for W15 revealed as Hamilton breaks silence on Ferrari move

A look back through Lewis Hamilton’s F1 career at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton made his first public appearance since announcing his move to Ferrari at the end of the season, when Mercedes unveiled their 2024 F1 car on Wednesday morning.

The Silver Arrows, who endured their first winless season since 2011 last year, will be hoping their W15 rival this season can battle Max Verstappen and Red Bull up front. All eyes were on Hamilton, though, as he begins his 12th and final season for Mercedes. The 39-year-old appeared at the launch event at Silverstone with team-mate George Russell and team boss Toto Wolff, speaking of how “surreal” it felt to begin his final season with Mercedes.

McLaren also unveiled their 2024 car on Wednesday, with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri speaking to the press this evening. Red Bull will unveil their new car on Thursday, with Christian Horner expected to make an appearance despite the current investigation surrounding him for “improper behaviour.”

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Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: Toto Wolff on Lewis Hamilton’s departure at the end of the season.

“We knew our partnership with Lewis would come to an end one day. We thought maybe late 2025, so the timing came as a surprise, but I respect the decision he faced and what he did.

“Nothing has changed for us this year, our attitude remains the same. We have two excellent drivers. In George, we have a fast, talented and intelligent driver behind the wheel. A solid foundation for the future. In Lewis, we have a very motivated world champion, and we want to make his last year with us as successful as possible. Both drivers have undergone similar training and important lessons as a team over the years. They both know what they need to do and that is very positive for us.

“It’s also an exciting opportunity for the coming years now. We have the opportunity to set the direction and future stability of our driver line-up towards the next era of F1. That will be important in the team’s journey forward, and we will take our time to get it right.”

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Kieran Jackson14 February 2024 14:20


Mercedes F1 2024 launch: George Russell hits the track in W15

Russell takes to the Silverstone circuit in the new Mercedes W15.

Lewis Hamilton said he knew after his first shake-up last year that the car would not be ready for 2023 – what will the two drivers be able to learn today?

Kieran Jackson14 February 2024 13:27


Mercedes F1 2024 launch: Lewis Hamilton alternative odds

Who will replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes?

  • Fernando Alonso – 8/11
  • Alex Albon – 7/2
  • Carlos Sanz – 5/1
  • Mick Schumacher – 7/1
  • Esteban Ocon – 10/1
  • Andrea Kimi Antonelli – 14/1
  • Sebastian Vettel – 18/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 25/1
  • Pierre Gasly, Sergio Perez – 33/1
  • Oscar Piastri – 50/1

Kieran Jackson14 February 2024 12:53


An emotional Lewis Hamilton breaks his silence about the ‘surreal’ end of his Mercedes career

Lewis Hamilton admits the past few weeks have been “emotional” and “surreal” as the Mercedes driver made his first public appearance since his move to Ferrari 2025 was announced.

Seven-time F1 world champion Hamilton is about to start his 12th raceth and the final season with Mercedes following the news that he will join the Scuderia next year.

Hamilton, who has won six of his seven titles with Mercedes, was present at the launch of the Silver Arrows F1 2024 car – W15 – at Silverstone on Wednesday morning and reiterated his “excitement” ahead of another Formula 1 season.

“Obviously it’s been emotional, it’s amazing to be here,” said Hamilton, when asked about the past few weeks.

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Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: Drivers and Toto Wolff at the side of the car

Mercedes’ F1 2024 driver list with team boss Toto Wolff (centre)

(Mercedes-Benz AG)

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Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: W15

Mercedes have decided to combine their traditional black and silver colors this year!

(Mercedes-Benz AG)

(Mercedes-Benz AG)

Appearance of the Mercedes ‘W15 F1 car

(Mercedes-Benz AG)

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Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: Toto Wolff…

What is the goal for this year?

“To do a better job. Look inside. Try and have a car on the track that is predictable, lots of power, strong engine. Do a solid job. Give Lewis and George a car to enjoy driving, not as difficult as in previous years.”

Kieran Jackson14 February 2024 10:43


Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: George Russell

“We have learned a lot as a team … many people are winners and champions. Everyone is excited and motivated, working very hard.

“We’ve seen all the drawings, the wind tunnel, the simulator, the design on the computer. Putting the money back into the race car. Seeing it here as one is an exciting time – nothing more important until we get to the track.

“I couldn’t sleep last night – there is an element of anticipation. You don’t know how this car is going to perform. Have the rivals made a step forward? This is the time of year when everyone is sitting in anticipation. I have faith it will come.”

Kieran Jackson14 February 2024 10:42


Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: Lewis Hamilton

“The goal through winter training is number one. It’s getting the team back to where we were. We’ve had a tough few years that have set us up.

“It’s being diligent with our work, understanding the data and our practice. Even one lap in the rain today, you can give George and I a little bit of a sense of what’s to come.

“I’ve always liked working with a team, especially when there are a lot of people, it’s a great human thing. Without those people working so hard, we wouldn’t be where we want to be. It’s good when we have one goal – and we focus on that throughout the year, it’s an opportunity to indeed.”

Lewis Hamilton speaking at the launch of Mercedes’ 2024 F1 car

(YouTube – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team)

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Mercedes F1 2024 car launch: Toto Wolff

“We made a mistake with the new rules but we finished first eight times in a row, third and second for the constructors, it seems a respectable result.

“Our goal is to consolidate our position with Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin. At the same time, race at the very front.

“What have we done wrong? Why did the virtual world not relate to the real world? The buzz in the company is something I haven’t seen in years. We know it’s a big mountain to climb. We have a good mix of drivers, hopefully a better car.

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