Mercedes-Benz will stop its dealership sales in Turkey

German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, is preparing to change the strategy of direct sales by eliminating dealers and dealers in car sales in Turkey. After Tesla and Togg, Mercedes-Benz also took steps for direct sales in Turkey. Based on this strategy, experience and sales centers will be established for the vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Turkey is moving to a direct sales strategy. The company will announce details of its new strategy on May 3.


Speaking to Habertürk last November, Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and Automotive Group Chairman Şükrü Bekdikhan said, “Three different strategies are on the agenda in global car sales. The first is direct marketing, without middlemen, as adopted by Tesla and Togg. The second is an example where the retailer is the point of distribution but the final price is determined from headquarters. The third is a model in which the final price is determined by the seller and the seller is the point of delivery. We will choose one of these three examples‘ he said.

The German giant was going to announce its new sales model in Turkey in January, but this announcement was delayed for a long time.

Hakkı Alkan, the founder of ShiftDelete, announced the news on his social media account:

Mercedes-Benz Turkey has changed the direct sales strategy, like Tesla and Togg. Details, on May 3!


On the other hand, 8 months have passed since the publication of the Second-hand Car Trade Regulation, which focused on the equality of new car prices. However, in this process, many cars were viewed by gallery owners in some parking lots. It seems that many new cars are waiting for buyers with false information as second-hand in the advertisements published on the Internet. In these ads, the mileage information is shared as 6 thousand 1, 6 thousand 100, but some sellers in the details of the ad and some of them inform that the car is zero when available by phone. This shows that the second hand exceeds the price of new cars.


The list price of the Hyundai i10 with automatic transmission varies between 449,000 TL and 530,000 TL. We reviewed listings for similar makes and models with automatic transmissions from model years 2018 to 2023 on the most popular online shopping site for buying and selling used cars. The prices of these cars, which have been used for distances ranging from 1,000 km to 92,000 km, vary between 439 lira and 705 thousand lira.


In this situation, citizens who cannot find a new car at the dealer are forced to buy a new car sold at the dealer or a used car at the nearest price, higher than the list price. Under these conditions, the government, which was responsible for ensuring the welfare of the citizens, also took precautions. However, measures such as not selling a new car for 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers were not enough. The new system that Mercedes-Benz is trying to adopt after Tesla and Togg, is expected to be a small solution to the problems of the people.


A direct sales strategy means that the manufacturer sells by eliminating intermediary institutions. In this system, where dealers are eliminated, experience and sales points are recognized by companies for promoting and selling cars.