Mercedes-Benz will start online sales on May 15th! Merchants will now be agents


In the new period, traders will continue their journey as agents. Customers will be able to order a car online or by going to agencies. The car’s stock status, one of the most discussed topics in recent years, will be managed by Mercedes-Benz and will be shared with consumers in a transparent manner. The company will determine its pricing policy from a single point in the new period. ‘One price’ will apply to all car models across the country. Vehicle sales contracts and invoices will also be done directly through Mercedes-Benz.


Details on the topic were shared in a press conference held in Istanbul the previous day. Şükrü Bekdikhan, Head of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars and Automotive Group, said, “In an increasingly digital world, customers’ shopping habits are changing. With our new model, no matter where our customers choose to buy a car, the price it is presented in a transparent and unique way, thus eliminating the process of comparing prices in different regions.” Noting that with the new business model, Mercedes-Benz organizations no longer need to keep stocks and their risks regarding financial and market changes will decrease, Bekdikhan said, “Aspirations will decrease, and distribution will be a little easier with the national stock system.”



According to information provided by Bekdikhan, the agencies will continue to provide services such as product consulting, test drive, vehicle delivery, second-hand sales, after-sales services, equipment sales and technical services. Tufan Akdeniz, Member of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Light Commercial Vehicles, who evaluated the brand’s new sales model in terms of commercial vehicles, explained this situation as follows: “Among the countries where Mercedes-Benz operates, Turkey is the first country to use the new sales model at the same time as the car in the sale of light commercial vehicles. Thanks to our new design, the online configurator and the pilot reservation program have become new programs that our customers can use. one by one.”

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In Turkey, there are brands that use the online marketing model, especially in electric models. In previous years, brands such as Volkswagen had experimented with online marketing based on design. However, the number of brands that offer all their products for sale entirely online is limited. Togg and Tesla are among the brands that are currently selling cars online. After countries such as Australia, Austria, South Africa, India, Sweden, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Mercedes-Benz has brought online sales to Turkey and become the third brand in this field.