Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 12,000 vehicles over a potential fire hazard

Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 12,000 vehicles over a potential fire hazard

An investigation was immediately launched and Mercedes-Benz found that the ground connection was insufficiently reinforced for the 48 volt battery system.

Mercedes-Benz found a loose ground connection of the 48V battery. Image used for representational purposes only.

Mercedes-Benz has recalled several thousand E-Class, CLS, and AMG GT 4-Door models in the United States due to a fire hazard caused by a poor 48-volt ground connection. The issue first surfaced in late 2022 when the company received field reports from customers who reported experiencing various warning messages.

Investigation revealed that an improperly secured ground connection to the 48 volt battery system may be the cause of these warnings.

The recall notice warns that if the ground cable is not properly protected, it may cause an increase in electrical resistance and heat in the connection, causing a fire. If the vehicle experiences a 48 volt system fault due to this fault, warning messages related to the 48 volt internal power supply will be displayed on the instrument cluster.

Approximately 12,191 vehicles are affected by this recall, including the 2021-2023 CLS 450, 2021-2023 E 450, 2021-2023 E450 All-Terrain, 2021 AMG CLS 53, 2021-2023 AMG E53, 2021-2023 AMG GT 43, and Models 2021-2023 AMG GT 53 produced between October 21, 2021 and April 4, 2023.

Although Mercedes-Benz has been informed of three field reports between September and December 2022, there have been no reports of property damage, deaths or injuries related to this issue.

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Mercedes-Benz dealers were notified of the recall on February 16, 2024, and owners will be notified by April 9. The fix for this issue is relatively simple, as dealers will only need to check the torque of the 48-volt ground connection bolt and tighten it if it is must. Owners are advised to contact local dealers for more information and to schedule necessary repairs.

The company has reiterated its commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers and has apologized for any inconvenience this recall may cause. Mercedes-Benz is committed to addressing this issue promptly and efficiently to prevent any safety risks.

Date of First Publication: 20 Feb 2024, 10:53 AM IST