Mercedes-Benz is celebrating 25 years of the “versatile” Atego.

Mercedes-Benz is celebrating 25 years of the “versatile” Atego.

The year was running 1998 time Daimler-Benz he submitted Mercedes-Benz Atego at the RAI International Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam. Today the Star House is celebrating The 25th year of the honorable profession of a strong and efficient car, and the ability to winInternational Truck of the Year (in 1999 and 2011) and German Sustainability Award in 2010. Let’s do a little history of this legendary truck.

It’s flexible and multi-faceted from the start

Atego replaced the LK model range (“Leichte Klasse”; light class), with a range of transmission configurations in the segment light and medium trucks. Previously, the range ranged from professional fleet vehicles with canvas or flatbeds, to platform and tipper vehicles for construction and related industries, as well as models with special equipment for municipal services, to be used as a platform for a series of custom car settings.

Twenty-five basic models, six power categories and four cabin variants

Atego previously covered the segment with a general quantity eligible among 6,5 for 15 t. The line included 25 basic cars, 6 power categories and 4 cab variants to meet different segment requirements. Customers can choose between diesel engines a series of inline four cylinders OM 904 LA and inline six-cylinder inline ones OM 906 LA. Engines manufactured and 90 to 205 kW (122-279 CV) it is torque from 470 to 1,300 Nmrespectively with a displacement of 4.25 and 6.37 liters (whose maximum was reached between 1,200 and 1,600 rpm).
Providing fleet managers with high availability and attractive operating costs, mileage of the main groups came increased to 600,000 km and significantly extended maintenance intervals. The requirements for comfort and convenience were also significantly expanded, to adequately cope with leaving and returning from the car (on average 30 times a day during the distribution of goods). In addition to compact versions for distribution and construction site use, a version for long-distance light transport was also available.

L’Atego Heavy Duty under IAA

Just six months later, still in 1998, on the occasion of 57a Fiera IAA of commercial vehicles, Daimler-Benz presentedLet’s measure and longer chassis, larger capacity and more powerful in-line engine OM 926 LA (7.2 l displacement, 240 kW/326 hp). The total permissible weight went from 18 to 26 t, in 17 basic types and two power groups (170 kW / 231 hp and 205 kW / 279 hp, 1,300 Nm). Together with Smart care system measures were taken only if necessary according to the actual use of the vehicle, significantly reducing its costs.

Car of the Year 1999

The new Atego Mercedes, as mentioned, then won the title of “International Truck of the Year” in 1999. The first modification started in 2004 and G85-6 which presented Intelligent automatic transmissionsecurity systems ABS and ASRas well as a brake assist system BAS. The engine range was also expanded and, thanks to technology BlueTec SCR, adapted to the requirements of Euro IV and V or EEV emission standards. For AdBlue measurement it was effectively removed about 60% of nitrogen from exhaust gaseswhen soot particles were trapped by a diesel particulate filter high performance. There the cabin it was found in distribution, long-distance variants and comfort and instrument panel it was adapted to resemble a modern passenger car.

The first truck series with parallel hybrid drive

Inside of 2010example BlueTEC 1222L Hybrid It was the first production truck and diesel-electric parallel hybrid hybrid car and EU approval. In addition to the 160 kW (218 hp) OM 924, the 12 t car had a water-cooled electric motor producing a maximum output of 44 kW (60 hp). This unit was capable of driving the truck electrically at low speeds. The diesel engine operated at high speed and with high load requirements. The electric one also worked as a converter and was therefore able to recover kinetic energy during the release and stop phases to temporarily store it in the Atego’s lithium ion battery until another acceleration. This has reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% and on average 10 to 15% in urban transport. For this reason, Atego was awarded the German Sustainability Award 2010 and, the following year, it was awarded again. “Truck of the Year”.

The second generation of highly efficient Euro VI engines

In 2013 second generation of trucks, this time with Euro VI compliant engines from the OM 934 LA and OM 936 LA series, which still power the Atego today in the latest versions. Power now ranged from 115 to 220 kW (156 to 299 hp). Despite the high quality requirements, Mercedes engineers managed reduce consumption by an average of 5% compared to the previous series, thanks tocommon rail needle advanced mode, which changed the injector components of the unit, as well as high ignition pressure and for aerodynamic improvement of the cabin. Moreover, the use of AdBlue decreased by 2-2.5%, all without reducing the load. The maintenance intervals they increased again until they reached i 120.000 kilometers (+20%).

Introduction of Power Shift 3 automatic transmission

Some progress in terms of comfort, practicality and efficiency was possible with the introduction of PowerShift 3 automatic gearbox six and eight-speed more EcoRoll method. Instead of Telligent’s usual signaling sound, the gears used a nifty combination switch. With this amendment was addedesp as a standard. Also of cabin suspension system has been fundamentally modified, with the ability to choose between four versions and three lengthsincluding the cabin S ClassicSpace in standard and extended version and L in the version Classic or BigSpace and a high roof. In the driver’s cab a single bed with a seven-zone cold foam mattress also allows for frequent long trips.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime to reduce operating costs

In 2019, to reduce operating costs, Mercedes-Benz expanded Uptime service also in Atego. The service provides the vehicle operator and Mercedes-Benz Service detailed information about truck condition in real time, interpreting status messages received and obtaining instructions from them. This avoid unscheduled time and allows you to plan maintenance and support needs as carefully as possible, so you don’t interrupt development processes.

From 2024 the latest safety support systems in Atego

From April 2024 the Atego will have the latest Adas systems, including Active Brake Assist 6 (Aba6) e Kilinda Side 2 (Asga 2) turning assistant. At the core is a new electronic platform with sensors, which combines radar and camera data for a wider view of the front and sides. LAaba 6, for example, can actively intervene in the breaking process and, at speeds up to 60 km/h, brake automatically not only in front of stationary vehicles, but also to identify road users crossing or arriving at the other side or changing the route.