Mercedes Benz Car Owners Association, Will Hold The Fifth ‘Merceday Benz’, Here’s The Plan

Mercedes Benz Indonesia Association Will Hold 5th Merceday Benz Ball, in Jakarta, Sunday 29 January 2023. The 5th Merceday Benz Event, will be held, 3-5 March 2023, in Bumi Parahiyangan City, Bandung, West Java. /Photo: Portal Lebak/Dwi Christianto/

LEBAK PORTAL – Owners of luxury cars, made in Germany, Mercedes Benz are planning to hold the fifth Mercedes Benz event.

The Mercedes Benz car owners association is holding the 5th Merceday Benz Kick which will be held on March 3-5 2023, in Bumi Parahiyangan City, Bandung, West Java.

It is hoped that the 5th Mercedes Benz event this time will always be remembered by the participants, Mercedes Benz owners and the surrounding community, covered by the theme “Driving Legacy, Making History“.

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“We want to do an event not only at this time. We want to do an event now and it will be remembered,” said the chairman of the 5th Mercedes Benz committee, Rully Heryadi.

“In the 5th Merceday event, we expect to be attended by at least 20,000 participants, car owners and other members of the public,” he added.

The Merceday Benz event is held every two years, so that it is not boring and creates bright ideas in each event.

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Meanwhile, the President of the Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Club, Cecep Fajar, hopes that this time Merceday Benz will provide more benefits to the people around him.