Mekies: “We must continue to work”

Mekies: “We must continue to work”

Ferrari’s Laurent Mekies said in an interview after Friday that they were generally happy but had things to improve.

While the Ferrari drivers completed their Friday practice in Monaco in 2nd and 3rd place, Carlos Sainz crashed at the end of the day.

Still, Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies believes the first day of this important race weekend has gone relatively well.

“In general, we can say that the training went well, we wanted to give both drivers a chance to work on the track as much as possible,” said Mekies.

“In this context, you saw that our cars are almost never left in the garage.”

“We are aware that we need to continue working so that drivers can increase their confidence and enable them to reveal the full potential of the car, this process is still ongoing.”

“We know that Charles and Carlos can go very fast at this circuit and our job is to create the right environment for them.” say.

Mekies does not know when he will join AlphaTauri, with whom he will work next year.

“The decision on exactly when that might happen is not final yet,” Mekies said.

“Until then, I will continue to do my best for Ferrari, give my 100% and work in red!” say.