Meet the crab car!!!  – Portal GCMAIS

Meet the crab car!!! – Portal GCMAIS

Hyundai is showing the first technology of its kind

You who don’t like goal, your problems are over!!!

No, this is not a new song, the car is really going sideways, heheheh.

This makes parking easier, doesn’t it?

A Hyundai presented a prototype car with its new e-Corner system, which simulates the movements of a crab and makes the car go sideways. The technology allows the car to turn 4 wheels by 90 °. The movement was named “crab walk” – something like “crab driving”.

In a statement, the automaker said it conducted a test on public streets, outside of a controlled environment, at the end of April.

The e-Corner system developed by Hyundai Mobis is, according to the automaker, the main mobility technology for electric and autonomous driving. “This groundbreaking technology has never been mass-produced anywhere in the world,” the company said.

Thank you, Hyundai

according to Hyundai, the system allows the driver to parallel park with other vehicles in narrow spaces. It still has what is known as “zero spin”, turning the front wheels inward while the rear wheels are rotated outwards to perform. 360° rotation at idle.

Vehicles equipped with e-Kona it can also run “pivot turn”, which allows the driver to select any point on the central axis to rotate the car accordingly, something “like drawing a circle with a compass”.

It is not known when and if the car will be sold in South Korea or other markets, let’s wait. But, thank you Hyundai, who hates goal thank you very much!!!